Some Cool Apps for the Symbian

So as I was browsing though some application lists for the Symbian, I thought of posting a few apps that I thought were quite unusual and interesting. So let’s jump into it with both feet and see what we find!

–First one that I looked at was one that would play a video when someone calls. This program, Skyetones, has soaring capabilities. You can record your friend saying hey to you and set it as the “ringtone” for when they call. The software is very inexpensive, around $8. You can find it here!

— Another one was the BTWebCamera S60. With this application, you can use your phone as a web camera for your computer. Though you need a Bluetooth dongle on your computer for it. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find any links to this program, I believe its only available on P2P networks and forums. If you find a direct link, let me know!

–While we are on Bluetooth dongles, I also found a very interesting software. It is a java based remote control over Bluetooth program for your computer. I’ve actually played with this program and I think its amazing and I’ll be using it very often. You can start any program, play songs, rewind, forward and much more. It even has a LIVE screen capture with the cursor so you can move your mouse around. Now that must make you say WOW, It sure did me. You can find some interesting info about it here.

Those are the only attractive ones that I have found so far! Enjoy!




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Dismantle The N91!

Hello Everyone!!

Since Mac is now moving on to a new phone, I’ve decided that I will keep this blog updated with info I can gather! For my first post, I was thinking of posting a walkthrough of taking the N91 apart. Now you may ask, “Why would you take apart something such as this?” Well I’ve given it some thought and told myself, I’ve paid a heap of money for it and I need to take well care of it! When I opened this baby up, I noticed that it was INFESTED with dust and other things that might be in your pocket! And also the suspense to see whats inside was killing me! So take a gander!

Another thing is that my N91 is very scratched up. I hate looking at it and seeing all the scratches and dents. So I did some research. I found out that MobileFun sells the housing for the N91. It is quite expensive but it might be well worth it. You can check it out yourself at MobileFun.

Thanks to PajaP, He has compiled a much better Dismantel Guide with even more graphical details. Check it out Here!



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Nokia N91: The End

HI Everyone,

Well Ive made my choice Ive decide to move on from the Nokia N91.

And with that means no longer keeping this blog going.

In retrospect, this blog was simply an experiment mostly for me to see how many users out there were so interested in this phone who would bother to use this blog.
The Answer was very surpriseing,


Over 64,000 hits since this site was started.
Best Day Ever: 605 views
Average View /Day 303 views

Posts total : 107
Comments :444
10 Sites linking to this Blog directly.

So its been interesting for Me, i never thought that id get such numbers when I first started.

The main reason I’m moving on to a new phone is mostly this ,
Size, As great as the phone is , the 4GB, the radio etc…etc…..etc….
the weight and size of the phone always bothered me a little so Ive decided to lay it to rest and move on with the Samsung D900.

I would like to thank all you for your support , comments on this site as in the end without you the reader this blog would not have had the numbers it has achieved today.

I will no longer post on this blog but for those that need the information ill leave it here to sit for a few months and in the end remove it.

Many thanks to all of you.



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Nokia N91 Firmware update V2.10.013

Hi ,

Im sure most of you know this by now but a new software version has been released bring it to V 2.10.013 now.

I havnt seen much improvement yet but given time if i see anything worth while ill let you know right here.

Currently I’m wondering why Nokia doesnt release a list of the bug fixes and improvements with each new firmware that is released, would make it more easy to see the improvements.

If you find improvements over your old version of the Firmware then be sure to post here for others to see and support.



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Nokia N91: Black & 8GB to go please!

N91 7gb

HI All!

Well i guess I couldnt stand by and not post about the news of the updated Nokia N91.
So what do we know so far???

Well first what Nokia Has to say….

“Music for the masses. Take control of your tunes with 8GB of pure high-quality stereo. Snap superior images with the 2 megapixel camera and enjoy a rich mobile internet experience. The Nokia N91 8GB with MP3 player capability is your new musical companion.”

Ok So what or how is it diffrent from the 4gb model??

Well not much really, what we do know is ….
It will be Black, have 8gb HDD and thats about it. NO support for Wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets have been added yet , but we always have the firmware updates!

I for one are not to pushed about this news , i dont use all of my 4gb as it is so having an extra 4 gb to play with is not that important to me really .
The phone coming inBlack is good ,and Id love if mine came in Black as well but i can live with it.

But there is more to this then a new Model of our fav Nokia phone,

If there is a new Model then it should mean that support for the phone should also improve as well, after all why release a new phone with these specs to take on the IPOD if you dont have the support behind it?? We have already seen it with the release of DIY Firmware updates on the web , so its reasonable to assume that Nokia is takeing it all very serious.

For those that are interested here is the link to Nokia N91 8gb product page its self

Nokia N91 8GB


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Nokia N91: V 2.00.052 Current known Issues only

Hi Guys ,

Well firstly many thanks for your comments on the blog , its been getting loads of Hits each day  and it keeps getting better.

Id like to make a collection of known issues that are only related to this version of the firmware only. So if you have discovered a Bug in the OS then post it here , but only with the below criteria so as not to confuse the issue.

Only report the Bug if the below is followed……

1, Only Bugs related to V 2.00.052 ONLY

2, It can be recreated by your self time and again. ie repeatable

3, There is NO fix or Workaround

lets see what we have got .



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Nokia N91: What Firmware only have you?

Its been a busy week with everyone busy updateing the firmware of their Nokia N91 so i think it will be interesting to get some perspective on it now.

To Find out what Firmware you have type *#0000#
Id like to ask that for all those who have updated their phone can you please post your Firmware version only with your country.

Anything else and ill delete it , I just want to see if their is any dif between the Firmware depending on where or your phone.

Illl start of with mine being,

Phone Info

V 2.00.052



N91 (58.01)



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