Do First Impressions last?

Ok ,I bought this phone in the 2nd last week of April , on a Sunny Friday Afternoon from an Online Store based here in Ireland. After 5 days of on your edge waiting, checking my mail for dispatch confirmations, it arrived in my workplace.

With an excited glee i ripped open the outer cardboard box that the Nokia box came in.It was well packed and well protected, ( it shud as it cost enough) i took the Nokia box out carfully as if i was Indiana Jones touching an Ancent treasure for the first time.

On opening the box in my workplace i knew id have no time to play with it but i at least just wanted to look at it , to gaze on my new toy as it were.
My First thought was , god its Shiny! I got the model that had the sliver front to it which although looks great can only mean that over time it will be scratched, just like the back of Apples Ipod video ( I know, ive done it)Pickiing up the phone for the first time and compareing it to the K750i there was certainly a difference in both size and weight.
The Stats:
k750i Weight: 99 g Size :100 x 46 x 20.5 mm
N91 Weight: 164 g Size: 113.1 x 55.2 x 22 mm

As you can see there is a differance between the phones, but ive bitten the bullet no use crying a bout that now, but there is a reason for the differance in size.

Holding the Phone in my hand there was a good soild feel to it , very well made, no rattleing coming from the keylock button that i had read in prevous posts. Like all Nokia phones they put time and effort in createing this phone and they have certainly done it with this one.The Metal slider on the bottom of the phone is also well made, no chance of it breaking off or anything like that.

But even now as i handled the phone i could see my finger prints all over the shiny front , yep it was another Ipod scratch puppy but time will tell.Anyway, as i was in work i wasnt really able to play with it that much so i packed it away for later on when id get home and i could take it out and really check it out!
That will be in the next post.


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