MAC-N91: The Fun Starts….

Hi ,
Well im not sure if im the first and may well not be the last but as i couldnt find anywhere that had decent information that dealt solely with the user who owns both a Apple Mac AND a Nokia N91 phone I thought i will just go ahead and set up my own source.
Im hopeing over time that others over the internet who own these cool phones and also own Apple Mac's will join me on this blog and help make it an Amazing source of Information.
As time goes by I will work to make the site better, add links photos etc….etc….. and Im always open to new ideas and tips so please be sure to share your ideas.
I intend to update this at least every week with something that i have discovered about the phone and think will be usefull for others as well , also ill be looking for the Apple Mac view of the phone as really thats what im interested in.
Anyway, there will be more information to come shortly.


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