Who am I to use the Nokia N91?

Ok well I think in order to be fair of my recount of using the phone its important to understand where I'm coming from. Ie , What I used before , my tech experiences to date and general stuff like that .
Its important to know where you have come from to know where you are now.

let me start of by saying that I'm a Single, 29 year old male with a love of gadgets.
I'm based in Ireland which although is not the Mech tech centre of the World it has plenty to offer those with the interest of all things Tech.
I currently own some really useful gadgets those being a Apple G4 Powerbook, Video Ipod, and of course the Nokia N91 to name but a few.
I use to own the Sony Ericsson K750i phone to which I have had a good time with but in the end I needed to get something more powerful.

My main reason for getting the N91 is because of the many cool features that it holds.
Listed in desire here they are….

1:Wifi, Simply put connect to your home LAN, Free Hotspots, get your email downloaded, surf the net , listen to your fav Internet radio , IM function. All of these ill deal with as i come across them.

2: 4GB Hard Drive, havin 4Gb on your phone is a massive incentive to get it . reasons being of course bring your Fav Collection of MP3's, Video's, Pics, and as a simple Storage device to tak with you in to work for example.

3:True 3G Support, Dont know about the rest of the World but in Ireland its been lacking for what of a better word. I feel thats its starting to take of now as time goes by it will be come cheaper and cheaper.

4: Music Music Music, Im not sure about you but sitting on the bus listeing to Music helps pass the time by for me so with the 4gb drive it being able to play music well was a big hit for me.

There are of course many other features to mention and I will ( Promise) but they all deserve a post as most of them are very usefull.

In My next post Ill give my general overview of the Phone, ie First Impressions etc…etc…. and then continue on with my observations.


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