Impressions pt2

Ok , To Continue on……
As with any new gadget im always looking to test every feature and with this phone thats going to take a while as it is packed with some cool stuff that ill be blogging on as time goes by.

Of course the main interest on this Blog is how it works with the Apple Mac as for me that is the Holy Grail.
But first let me begin with its basic features that any decent phone shud have.

Phone Section
As with any new Smart phone if the phone section isnt up to scratch then its not worth a penny in my view .
Phone calls are very good, sound is crisp and clear switching to the loudspeaker is as easy as presing the button on the phone.
To close calls you just close the slider shut and that will end the call itself, if you have the keylock option on then once you close it the phone is secure from accidently calling a number or going in to a new function.
You can set any mp3 or for that matter any sound as your ring tone for all calls and for indivuals who are listed in your phone book, this of course can be handy to know when your Mother, GirlFriend etc….. is calling without having to look at the phone and then decide to ignore it. ( As if i would! πŸ™‚ )
As with all Nokia phones there are the usual profiles, General, Silent, pager etc etc and all can be modified to your likeing.
It might be worth noteing that the Vibrate isnt that strong, at least not as strong as the K750i to which im use to. But let get a few more calls untill im fully decide on that.

Makeing Calls
Makeing calls on the phone is easy as you would of course hope and there are a few ways to do it as well.
The old way , ie pressing the buttons on the phone is not comfortable if you have BIG fingers.
The buttons on the keypad are small to use so if you have big fingers then i advised to avoid this phone, if you have average size fingers then you will cope but your not going to write an essay on the phone. This brings up the other features Address book, Calendar , Text messaging etc…..etc… in to question to which ill address later on as I use them.
The Cool Way, is by useing voice commands!
Now this is cool , ive recently discovered that for every contact that you place in to the Contacts ( Address Book) the phone will automaticly add a voice tag to the contact.
This is handy in that you dont have to do it and so far everytime if use it it gets it right each time and makes the call. This is usefull if you are useing the phone as its second purpose that being a Music Phone. So for example when walking along with the provided earphones listening to your fav songs by pressing the Call button on the headset this will activate the Voice Commands where by you say the name and the phone makes the call, all very cool i assure you.
Also of note , if you set it up the phone will also play the voice tag if the person who is in your contacts calls you, so if the phone is in your pocket and your listening to your Music/Radio it will put that on hold and play the voice tag of the person calling and then you can decide if you want to answer it or not. Simple but handy.

Text Messageing ( SMS)
Ok the next function that comes with all phones is text message or SMS.
I tend to use SMS more then make calls as im not a woman who likes to talk about the latest fashion or why Brad is such a bastard for droping Jen for Angie ( Although Id do the same thing!)
The default view gives u access to a short cut which leads you to a new Message view leaving you to add the name of the person to send the message to and to also add the message itself.
Adding the contact is the easy bit, press the center button brings you to the contact section , select the contact and then this returns you to the message its self.
Coming from the K750i im still getting use to the buttons as they are certainly smaller then the k750i's. I leave the t9 predictive text on to make it a bit more easer to use and its works but coul well be improved but adding bigger buttons. Also , there are no options for adding Smileys and faces etc….etc…. this surprised me as i like to personlise my messages with those but there seems to be no way of adding them other then the usual πŸ™‚ which is the charaters them selves and not an actual yellow face as was on the K750i. This i miss. 😦 .

Basic Phone functions Overall .
As a phone the N91 does the job, calls are good and well made and received.
SMS is good but the small buttons may be a bit tricky for some people to handle , be sure to have T9 predictive text on and this will help a bit.

For my next post ill talk about the more advanced features of the N91.


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