N91 : Half Phone , Half Music Player, all Gadget!

Ok .
So moving on to the more cool features, there is a lot of stuff to cover so what ill do is cover the main elements and then move on to the more lesser known features as i go on.

Part Phone/Part Player
One thing ive noticed from all the reviews that ive read is that it hasnt been mentioned how good the Music Player is on the phone.

There is no doubt in my mind that when Nokia was building this baby they were aiming for the Music lover. In essance it is so easy , so accessable to use as a Music Player that i feel they may have taken some notes from Apple useing the Ipod as a base template.

To give an Example, if you have the phone in stand by , all you need do simply use the front player controls to start the music, no sorting thru menus no clicking on lots of buttons needed. Just a simle click on the Play button and it will start right away. The player Buttons on the front are used for no other app at all , they are hard wired and you will only ever get music from useing them.
Think of it this way, if you have ever used an Ipod and loved the way that its so responsive from the buttons , that you have direct access to your music/radio . Its that simple.

The Buttons on the phone for the music are very well made and im sure will last a long time , and in case you didnt know the little corner button is very usefull. It sort of switches from the Music function back to what ever use were useing on the phones itself , browser, Contacts, Calender etc…..etc.. by simply clicking on this button it will switch back and forth between the 2, Music and Phone , so in a sence the phone is devided in to 2 parts which works out really well.

Radio Ga Ga
The Buttons on the front for the Player also serve as controls for the radio, Stop, Start , next channel , prevous channel. the Radio is good but i think there is something you may need to know if you are thinking of buying this phone ( radio being an important factor)
The radio is basic, ie , It does not support RDS, so there is no Station information that you got with
the K750i and also no Auto Tuneing feature which is a bit mad in my view for such an advanced phone!

Visual Radio
Now this is something that has me puzzled.
Visual Radio is the new cool puppy from Nokia.

Now the idea sounds cool, listen to your regular radio station and when you feel like it view the Onlineish ( My Word) elements from the Station its self. Song title, Artist stuff that youd see on the radio stations online website anyway if you were so connected.

But i dont think this is going to take off, at least in its current form.
It requires that you use a UTMS connection, now im a big fan of free stuff and there is no way i was gonna pay to simply view online stuff that id see on the web anyway!

Now i cant say about the rest of the world but UTMS connection in Ireland , ( Vodafone) is expensive so thanks Nokia for adding the function in to the phone but at the present time its useless to me.
What I cant understand is that Visual Radio wont work with the Built in Wifi connection, which if you were in a Wifi Hotspot youd get for free! ( in Ireland) So its looking more like the disaster that was WAP 1.0 were they were hailing it as the next big thing but no one used it as the connection was to expensive. Anyway Id be interested if anyone has any good experiences with Visual Radio on their N91 but as for me being in Ireland , its just plain useless. Oh, and no stations in Ireland are useing it at the present time so even if it were free to use i couldnt.

Internet Radio
Since we are talking about the Music features of the Phone I feel that i just HAVE to mention this app for the phone.

I came across this Little App on Nokia, Internet Radio for S60
It comes in 2 files the Shoutcast Engine and the Internet radio client. Both very easy to install on the phone. It also comes with a Sample playlist but you can add your own by placeing it in the DIR of the Shoutcast App on the phone its self.
Now i have my phone set up to connect to the Wifi network which uses the Apple Airport Router.
Once you have the given the App the rights to access your Wifi it will then stream the radio staion that you have selected to your phone and for the most part seems to work allright.
Sometimes it may stall and will report that its Buffering the Stream , this lasts for about 20 secs but depends on the radio Station and the phone .

The Final Note
As a Music phone Nokia have done very well , compareing it to the K750i it certainly has more muscle in the memory department and also with the Added internet radio it gives it some extra weight. Its just a pity the radio was let down with lack of RDM support and Auto Tuneing.

My Next post im gonna work on the N91 and the MAC and my experiences so far.

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