How to tidy the Main Screen of the N91


Im not sure how useful this will be , but it sort of makes the N91 look more like a regular phone then the Master Super phone it really is.

Normaly when the phone is in regular standby you will see the usual shortcuts to the main apps, Camera, Email, SMS etc…..etc…..

Standard Screen display

Now if you want to make the phone more …….phone like then heres how….

Main Menu>Tools>Settings>Phone>Standby Mode>Active Standby> Set to Off.

And you should see this.

Phone display

Now looks like a regular phone, why youd do this?? Ive no idea at all.




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2 responses to “How to tidy the Main Screen of the N91

  1. Hi Mac, love the blog..
    just a quick one, what program are you using to take screenshots on your N91?

    Also…do you have any links to good sites for S60 3rd Edition software?


  2. macbuckley

    Hi Nate ,
    Thanks for the Compliment.
    I use “Screenshot” from very usefull as you can see from the blog its self.

    As for the Software, well at the moment there isnt a whole lot , the OS is so new that its going to take time for more Apps to be ported over to the Symbian OS 3rd edtion.
    But here is links to help you
    Dont forget the usual Wiki and Google tools

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