N91: Access your Gmail Mail

One of the things that i like about the phone is that I'm able to access my Gmail from it directly.

Its really simple and in fact their are 2 ways to set it up on your phone depending on your level of experience.

The First and one Id recommend to new users who aren't to familiar with Setting up Gmail accounts on their PC's is to use the Setting's Wizard on the phone its self.
First be-sure to have your Gmail Account POP details , this can be found in the Settings Page of your Gmail account under "Forwarding and POP" header.

Now let make sure the Gmail is setup so that it will allow your phone to access it.
Make sure that Disable forwarding is disabled.
Also that  POP is enabled is set.
In Step 2 When messages are accessed with POP: Ill leave this up to you to decide  on what you want. I personally have it set to leave a copy in the in-box as I have Apple Mail setup to retrieve it when i get home and go on-line from there.

Now you need the Gmail Account Details for accessing via POP.

In Step 3 click on "Configuration Instructions" this will give u all the details you need for the setup on the phone its self.
This link will bring you to Google Mails Pop Access Pageand from here you shud get all the info you need. If all else fails below is the basic info that you can still use.

Basic Google Mail settings

OK Now that you have the details , let setup the phone…

 Start by accessing the Email Wizard

This can be found here…..
Menu>My Own>Sett.Wiz>Email

Now as you can see what ever info it asks for then enter it in , its really easy so no need for me to explain it here.
Once done , we now need to access your mail on the phone.

For me i use the WIFI connection , they ar very popular in most places , Pub, Bars, Cafes…etc…… so i suggest using them as they are usually free.

Go to ….

Menu>Messg>( name of Email Box , I have it as Gmail)>Options>Retrieve Email>ALL/NEW/SELECTED

The phone shud ask you to select a Connection type, UTMS, GPRS or Wifi, i always go for Wifi if its free, ( Why Pay??) it will then download the mail to your phone.

If you have issues i suggest first trying this link for answers, if no help then send me a mail with the details and ill tr and give my own advice.

Nokia N91 FAQ




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2 responses to “N91: Access your Gmail Mail

  1. Hey there
    Thank you for your great info, i was looking for this for a while to finish my article

    I have bookmarked your site in the hope to see more of this great stuff


    Carroll Netherlands

  2. John Chimenga

    i have managed to set up my Gmail account on the N91. However, I lose connectivity with mailbox once I move out of the messaging module. Is there a way to keep me connected online so that l can access new incoming mails?

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