N91: Standby Screen freezes

Hi ,

Ive recently come across an issue where when playing the Radio ( could also be seen useing the Music Player) that when you return to the Normal screen mode that you have no access to it.
Screen freeze

In other words the cursor that is usualy there is not and also the Left and Right Button options are also missing. This is a big i feel and ill have to figure a way of reporting this to Nokia some how.

Ive managed to fid a way around it by opening the keypad, type in a few random numbers and clicking the “Back” option. This then resets the screen and makes it useable again.

 Refresh Screen
I think it might be worth noteing also that my firmware is as below



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2 responses to “N91: Standby Screen freezes

  1. Bill

    Just a though – have you locked the phone using hard lock on the top of the phone?

  2. macbuckley

    HI Bill,
    Thanks for the Comment, No Didnt use the Hard lock at all.
    BUt if i see a fix or a reason why this is happening ill post it here.
    Thanks for reading.

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