N91: Use Bluetooth to browse the N91

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This was Summited by Anthony Idhaw on the Apple Discussions forum and I thought it was a good idea to post it here to as well, with my own experiences included.

Some of you may know that as of present time that browseing the phone useing "Finder" on the Apple OS X will cause Finder to Crash.
Doing things like Moveing large files or deleteing flies will cause Finder to produce the "rainbow" ball that we as MAC users know. It just keeps on Spinning for ages.
Relaunching Finder Does not work, it seems that the Crash is locked in by the Phone itsself.
The only way ive found to relaunch the finder is by Disconnecting the phone itsself, also the phone appears to be locked up as well , so simply pull the USB cable.
It will give u a warning about doing that , Date loss .etc…….. As far as i can see the phone is fine>

Finder then relaunchs its self and all is right with the world again.

Now, It seems that one way around this as suggested by Anthony is to use Bluetooth to browse the phone and delete files, ( I cant see any way to move them with in the Bluetooth window)
BLuetooth Window

In my useage ive found this to be an ok workaround, i can retreive for example photos or objects sent to me as long as i save them in the phone , either to the Phones memory or the harddrive.
I havnt used it to send mucsic to the phone as they would take way to long to send over BT.

Ive mentioned in a Prevous post that so far there is no way to pair your Phone with the Address book on the MAC, doing this , as it did with my old phone , would allow you to send and receive SMS messages from the comfort of the Apple Mac its self, Very Handy and very missed at the moment.

Many Thanks to Anthony Idhaw for the Tips that he has so far Posted .



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