Study: Mobiles with hard drives could doom iPods

Just saw this today and thought it was interesting to read.

What do you think??

 Read the Article here

Ipod Vs N91 



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4 responses to “Study: Mobiles with hard drives could doom iPods

  1. Anthony I

    well, since i got my n91 last april 24.. i have placed my iPod Vid in its box already. this is very true indeed.

  2. macbuckley

    HI Anthony, Im the same, havnt touched my own Ipod which is a shame really as it served me well untill i got the phone.

  3. bellybloke

    Since I got my N91 you can see my iPod Photo 30GB on eBay :-). 4GB in N91 for mp3 is far enough for my needs, so one device less to carry.

  4. Peter

    Interesting article, but it misses the point. Current iPods were doomed already – by what Apple has in the pipeline next. We are talking about the most (and I mean MOST) innovative computer company (Apple under Steve Jobs is second to none) that has existed or exists today. For the things they are not, Apple is not a me too company. They are in a place all of their own. Since 1976 til now (except for he time that Jobs was at NEXT (developing OS X and mini-mac concepts I might add )) Apple have lead the way in innovation. Phones like the N91 which I have one, across from a P910i (another great phone). History shows us that Steve Jobs is an extraordinary visionary. The Future will confirm that he has not lost his touch. There are things that Mac users take for granted, that Windows users can only dream about. Leopard vs Vista is coming. Unix based RISC computing vs a OS 9 wannabe! They both run on the same chipsets. Steve Jobs and Apple has my vote. Unashamedly biased for Apple. Surprise us all Steve!!!

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