N91:Radio Quick Access


Ive looked around and dont see this listed anywhere not even in the Manual so I thought that id post this little tip.

Ive recently discovered that the Music Button that i have highlighted in the pic can also give u access to the Radio as well.

Music Button

Usualy, clicking on the Music Button once will take you to the Music player its self , ie for playing Mp3s etc……… clicking on it again will leave the player running in the background and go back to the prevous screen , Menu screen, Phone, etc…etc..

However if you hold the button down for about 5 secs it will take you straight to the radio function regardless of which screen you are in.
I thought this was handy as normaly youd have to go thru the menu on the phone or use the Menu shortcut on the stand by screen.

 Hope this is usefull!!



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