N91:VERY slow access to Media Gallery

Hi ,

Anohter issue that i think should be highlighted is when after taking a photo with the N91 , youd like to go in to your Media Gallery and view the photos them selves.

Well im sorry to report there is an issue with this function but i do have a Workaround .

To access the Media gallery is easy….

Menu>Media>Gallery>Images Select to open.

Media Gallery

And this is where you get a nice cup of tea, read the news paper and when your done it should be then open.

Really, it takes about 30-40 secs to open it simpy to view the pics youve taken and belive me its very annoying when you are showing your friends the phone.
I suspect that this is a bug with the OS interface somehow and hopefully the firmware update will resolve this issue.

Ok Now for the workaround

For some reason the access is much faster if you use the File Manager that comes with the Nokia N91 to access it …..

Menu>Tools>File Manager> Select either the Phones Memory or the Harddrive depending on where u put your pics.

File manager

If you find that you like to have even faster access to your pics then you can always place a Shortcut on the Standby screen its self, leading to the File manager.


I hope this is of use to some of you out there!



Ive read twice now that reformating the harddrive helps speed up the speed by which the phone can access the  Harddrive . Well at the moment I have done a reformat but only a Quick one , I understand that a Full reformat will first check for Errors and then reformat the drive. So in the end i dont see much point in doing this, when i get more info on this ill up date this post.




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10 responses to “N91:VERY slow access to Media Gallery

  1. Bill

    Well. Gallery usually opens slow very first time – it builds database. Symbian file recognizers are slow – so this is the reason.

  2. macbuckley

    Well thats just crazy in my view, i wonder if anyone else is having this issue??

  3. Anthony I

    say you have about 100 images, just open Gallery and wait until it finishes building it database. The next time you open Gallery it is quite fast.

  4. macbuckley

    Hmmmmm Ok ill give it a go and see what happens.

  5. Another way to get to the Image Gallery is to open say the Video Gallery first and then scroll to the side, using the joystick and open the Image Gallery. Seems to work much better…

  6. i also have this problem…i don’t think my gallery feature was even working at all when i first opened the box… XD… i have sent my n91 back to warranty… and they returned it to me and the issue was still not addressed… it’s just a pain in the butt to go through it the long file manager way…

  7. Andrew

    Good day! I have a Nokia N91, 4GB. My problem is regarding the phone being so slow in sending SMS messages. It takes 2-5mins in sending 1 SMS! While its sending the message, the phone will not do anything. Ive tried, un-locking, locking, pressing all the keys, but still it would not move. Its like, its not multi-tasking. Ive had several Nokia phones, but this one tops the list of the slowest of the bunch.

    I checked the memory details
    On the phone, it has 14MB used space! and 188kb free!
    the calendar takes up 12kb, contacts: 116kb, messages 37kb, Images,sound and video are 0kb!

    On the hardrive, i have 1.5GB of music, but this is separate from the phone memrory right? because why would you put 4gb of memory if your not gonna use it

    where did all the memory go?

    its like its not accounted for? could this be causing the slow movement? what can i do to remedy this



  8. Jonathan

    hey andrew,

    I have been having the same problem for ages now and havent found a solution yet apart from reflashing my phone every time the memory gets “full”. I dont know why its doing it I just know that sms’s get slow once you pass the 6mb memory usage mark and get worse and worse until the phone is almost useless for anything.

    Any help on this from anyone would be greatly apreciated.


  9. DC

    andrew & jonathon, you need to d/l the sms accelerator program and it will be back to normal instant sms sending. do a google search to download the file

  10. pierreee

    same here, ive got the n91 8GB and it takes about 30 sec to open a the gallery and its files, i have got the latest firmware update and it is still slow…som1 tell me wat to do!

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