N91 Question: Can the N91 Bookmark Audio Books?

Richard sent me an Email to day with a good question that makes a lot of sence if you are going to buy the Nokia Phone and use it on your travels.



I came across your N91 weblog today. I hope you don't mind answering a
question which so far I've been unable to find an answer for.

I listen to a fair amount of audiobooks using my mp3 player. So it's
important to me that any mp3 player I have supports audio bookmarking.

I doubt the player in the N91 does, but I wonder if it possible for
you to confirm that?

Many thanks,


Well Richard , I dont listen to any Audio Books but im sure that any Mp3 can be "Audio BookMarked" if the Mp3 player supports that function.
Having looked at my normal mp3s and pauseing one song switching to another , playing that song , pauseing that song and going back to the other one i find that it starts at the beginnig again.
So i guess i can safely say no to your question that it is not supported.

However it is possible that that there are Apps for the Symbian OS to which the Nokia N91 uses , that can do "Audio BookMarking" All you need to do is to check with the Maker of that Software and see if it is something that is Supported.

In fact this link may be worth looking in to.

The Nokia People are going to release a Podcatcher in July, now if this is the same as Itunes then it WILL be possible to pause the podcast at certain spot and then return as you do with an Ipod.
Something to look in to id say!

Here is the link
I suggest try at these links for more info, hope this helps!!

My Symbian



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One response to “N91 Question: Can the N91 Bookmark Audio Books?

  1. Hi. I’m also looking for something similar, a Series 60 audio player which can either bookmark an audio file or at least can jump to a particular location (time) in an audio file. To my great disappointment, I’ve tried Ultra mp3, Viking Informatics mp3 player, Alon mp3 player, Power mp3, Oggplay, Cubix mp3 player and XSound mp3 player (did I miss any) and none of them support either of the functions. That makes me wonder whether there is some technical limitation on the platform in making such a player or the software makers are pure blind!

    Please do post if anyone has found such player.

    PS:Fortunately there’s SmartMovie for video that does support jump to location feature.

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