N91: Free Music from the Nokia Music Shop

Its something i didnt really look in to but when I saw a mention of this on another blog I thought to myself that I hadnt even looked in to the Music Shop of the Nokia N91 yet.

So I decided to see what it was like for mysef, after all Nokia was pushing this on users of the Nseries and looked as if they wanted to give Apple a run for its money with regards Music Downloads.

Keep in mind why they see this…

Moblie Phones are becomeing more then just a phone, they are usualy Half Camera or Half Mp3 player, in this case we refer to the N91 being the Super Mobile Music Player that just happens to be able to take and make calls as well.

From Nokia's point of view, if you give the consumer the ablity to download over the air music , you give them a simple choice.

A) Will i hook up my Ipod( Shuffle, Nano, etc…etc..) to my Mac/PC log on to the net , log on to Itunes and download my fav music from there.


B) Walk around the park in the beautifull Sunshine that happens to have a Free Wifi connection and download my music while i sit in the park and not indoors infront of my MAC/PC.

Think about that choice, all Nokia have to do is follow the same path as Apple, market the price of the Song to as low as possible and give them a good serivce to which they can trust and just like Apple and its Itunes store make a lot of money.

Now of course this is not going to be easy, there are a few things to which need to be over come.

To be realistic,a song download can only be done over a Wifi connection, its too expensive ( at least in Ireland) to be downloading the top hit in the charts over a GPRS/UTMS connection, and THEN have to pay for the song its self.

Technical Ease,
Just like the Apple Itunes, a Non-Trained Monkey on crack could still download tunes from Apples Itunes store, and its this that makes Itunes so popular! Nokia need to make this as easy as possible to do from the Nokia phone and I bellve they have done this as you will see from the screenshots ive done.

So there you have it , my view on Nokia's march in to the Moble Music World, I think they have made a good move and hopefully they will stay the course , but its not going to be easy for them.

On to the Main Topic , Free Music from the Nokia Music Shop.

I decide to give this a go to see what happens , i was ready to pay for one song if i found something that i like but as it turns out liveing in Ireland we arent good enough yet to have a Nokia Music Shop even via our Mobiles.

BUT Nokia are still nice people, as you will see below.

First We open the Music App.


Next we go to the Music Shop its self, now i would recommend makeing sure you have a connection to a Free Wifi area or useing your own Wifi at home.


Ok Now this is where I ( Myself being in Ireland) have the issue with the Music Shop)


As you can see above its not ready for my country but try it for your self and let me know here how you get on.

So i move on and see what else i get.


Awwwwww Arent Nokia Nice?? Ok So i cant get access to the Music Shop , maybe because of Music Rights , Ive seen something like this with the Apple Store , where in the US they can download tv shows like "Lost" and "Battlestar Galactica" but not in some other countrys not sure why , maybe legal ??

Moveing on i like the idea of Free Music.


Easy So far huh?? Well it should be !


Ok , So there is only 4 tunes but still , it goes to show how easy it is and to what lenghts Nokia want to show its service off to you the consumer.


I decide im going for a bit of class, ( Ok I havnt a clue who or what this is but i do it so you guys can see what happens.)


The usual warnings but makes sence , as i said before always find a Free Wifi Hotspot for this, its worth it in the end.


Now the download was really quick, the file size was 583kb, so that may explain it .


 Nowfor some reason the Album art didnt show up with the track when i played it , as you can see above.
I searched for it and couldnt find it with it so im not sure if this is whats what really happens or if there is an issue here.

Also , whne you download from the Nokia Music Shop , it creates a separate Music folder for those downloads only, this could be handy if you want to back up your purchased songs.

 So there you have it , your free songs from Nokia, but im guessing that in the US and the UK the stores are up and runnings so you may get a slighty diffrent experience then what i idid.

Please do let me know how you get on , I like many other reading this blog would be very interested in your findings.

Many thanks



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