Question: N91, Can the Camera Shutter Sound be turned off?

Today Nate Sent me in this Question….



You wanted questions? I have one that I cannot answer nor can I find
an answer to..

The camera shutter sound..I cannot find anywhere in the menus to turn it off.
I know it's probably on by design, as it is law to have it on in
countries like's so annoying.

Any ideas? Google has come up trumps..


Well i belive this is a Question many people ask and i belive it depends on which country you are based in.

Here is what ive found so far….

Answer: A way to do this is to activate your 'Silent' profile. A cooler and more subtle way is to go into 'Tools | Profiles', select your desired profile (e.g. 'General') and then choose 'Personalize'. Scroll down and turn 'Warning tones' off.

Now , I can say that i have tried this and can confirm that it doesnt work for my phone, keep in mind im based in the UK area and thats where i got my phone.
My version info is on the right hand side if u want to see if its the same as your phone.

Id like to ask the readers if they to can see if this happens to them and if so which country are you based in.





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3 responses to “Question: N91, Can the Camera Shutter Sound be turned off?

  1. hi, i make this tips for my Nokia Mobiles:
    and now N70
    and working good
    tips: goto Profiles, and choose your active profile, change warning tone to: OFF.
    now tell me what you hear after shot the photo?

    but my problem how i can off the flash light when i take photo?

  2. macbuckley

    Sorry tried again and it still doesnt work for me.

  3. lordy

    yup doesnt work for my n91 either

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