Question: What is the Output Volume like on the Nokia N91?

Wayne from England Wrote in with this Question…


Hi Mac
it`s Wayne from ENGLAND

i just got delivery of a SONY ERICSSON W810i
im very pleased with it, but the maximum volume output isnt very high at all!
the MP3 quality is of excellent crystal clear quality
have put 14 of my albums at 320kbps bitrate onto the 2GB card
i have 2 weeks to try this phone out, but im in 2 minds to get the NOKIA N91 instead
i do like the ease of use, but would like your feedback on output volume of the N91?
is it very loud, at maximum volume is it too much to handle? without distorting?
have you had to raise the level of your MP3`s using software at all?
are the supplied headphones of good quality? good bass and nice treble?
i cant try one as they are not in stock for 2 weeks

thanks for your help, much appreciated


Well Wayne, I think like you I have a love for music , for me it has to be a high Quality or nothing else.
Now Keep in mind from what i WAS useing , I use to use the Apple IPOD, and made sure that the standard Encodeing was , MP3 , 192kbps , thats for all songs in my collection.

So How do they sound on the N91?

Well if you play the songs via the external Loud speaker its quite good , but keep in mind its only ONE speaker so no stereo there. Now its fine for say talk radio, , listen to news etc…. but if you want to listen to your fav tunes then i suggest plugging in your Fav head phones or hook it up to a good Speaker system via the output connection on the top.

For me, im very happy with the sound however I dont use the earphones that come with it, simply because i find them uncomfortable , they are a bit like the Ipod ear phones simply too big to use.
Instead i use my trusty in ear phones and they work great for me .

It might also be worth mentioning that the sound can be adjusted to your tastes, it has an Equliazer presets and also sound adjusting as you can see below.


So simply thats all you really have to work with on the music side of the Phone, but belive me the sound quality is very good , and well worth the move from the IPOD.

Simply put , Nokia have made this phone for the Music lover and I belive they have done a great job!



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