N91/MAC: Isync Your Nokia N91

Well sooner or later someone was going to crack it before apple did.

Yesterday it was reported on http://n91php.blogspot.com/ that the user was able to get ISync to work with the Nokia N91.

Click here for the post its self

Here are the details , at least from what I could learn from the post its self.

I think every MAC user at this stage knows how to use and edit the metaclasses.plist file on the mac and based on the file below ive tried it.

Modify metaclasses.plist using the codes below:

<string>Nokia+Nokia N91</string>
<string>Nokia+Nokia N91-1</string>
<string>Nokia+Nokia N91</string>
<string>Nokia+Nokia N91-1<string>

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I tried it myself and for the moment it doesnt work but ill try again later on tonight when i have a clear head, if i get any results ill post them here for others to try and confirm.

Let me just add something here , a Solution is only a Solution when it has been confirmed a fix for more then 4-5 users so id be interested in any feedback based on the above.

Many Thanks



Well after spending no more then 5 mins useing Anthonys soloution i have found that it does indeed work!!

Many Thanks MUST go to Anthony for his work on find the hack, i suspect their will be loads of Apple/N91 users looking for this hack so ive include the link to the steps involved.


Also i might point something out that Anthony may not have noticed or didnt mention for some reason.

When you sync your contacts from the Address book, and those entrys in the Address book have Photos attached, those very same photos get Synched over as well!!!

Thats right folks, contact pics get synch over as well.





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15 responses to “N91/MAC: Isync Your Nokia N91

  1. A


    here’s the revised plist. i missed 3 “/”




    Nokia+Nokia N91
    Nokia+Nokia N91-1


    Nokia+Nokia N91
    Nokia+Nokia N91-1






  2. A

    oopss.. sorry about my previous post.. please visit again my blog, i posted the revised .plist. sorry about it.

  3. macbuckley

    Anto, Can you also describe in step by step for the users as well.

  4. A

    just dig in


    copy metaclasses.plist (make sure make a backup of this .plist) open the .plist using text editor. I just usually rename plist to txt.

    you can copy the edited plist at mhy blog anywhere, say under the N90 key.

    once done, save and rename it again as plist.to

    coyy this to iSync-Contents-Plugins-ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice-Contents-Plugins-PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin-Contents-Resources

    same thing with the NOKN91.tiff.

    Just make sure you have ‘unpaired’ your N91 (delete paring also from the phone) and also if before making a new ‘pair’ just do a ‘repair permission’

    now try to pair again.

    hope this works this time.

    you can also download my metaclasses.plist

  5. macbuckley

    Good Man , Ill give it good go tonight.
    Excellent work by the way!!

  6. A

    it was a trial and error and got really excited when i was able to synched my N91 Please advise if you’re able to make it work as well. i have been getting emails about ‘not working’ modification. i have already included my modified metaclasses.plist for download and further modification for other Symbian 60 3rd Edition/OS 9.1

  7. macbuckley

    Well in all of these cases it always a good idea to test on a few systems before annouceing it , but in any case ill be glad to give it a try and report back.

  8. Anonymous

    its working well, it so happen, again, i missed to include some /key /string codes which i immediately corrected.

  9. macbuckley

    Well done Anto!!!
    I can confirm that YOUR solution works! Youve acheived the Holy Grail!
    Well Done!!

  10. naveen

    Hi, I am new to hacking the codes for the isync program and I have struggled for a while to to modify the codes and I think I messed it up extremely, I think i replaced the n91 codes with the n90, instead of pasting it under. if someone could go step by step for someone who is new to all of this it would be greatly appreciated. thank you..

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  12. rob

    genius, i am no computer literate kinda guy and the instructions you left were spot on once I had found the file which took a while but all good thanks.
    It worked first time

  13. dangermouse

    Hi Macbuckley, could you post the final metaclasses.plist again? I added 3 “/” where I thought they should go, but am struggling to get it right (in contrast to lucky rob). Thanks a million.

  14. FJ

    Hi Guys, I dont know how you make it work but I a newbie in MAC and I really want to sync my N91 with my macbook. Can someone with a kind heart teach me how I can do it? I was trying to search in spotlight where I could find the metaclass file but I cant find it, and eventhou I find it, im pretty sure that i’ll be having a hard time modifying it. 😦

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