Question: Can the N91 Play Songs from the Itunes Store?

Joe Wrote in with this Question….
Hello there

Nice blog, keep up the good work!

I also have a G4 Powerbook and have been a regular user of itunes for some time. I was thinking of buying a N91 however I wanted to check something very important for me. Will the N91 play songs that have been downloaded from the itunes service, or are these blocked to ipod’s only?

I’ve heard from some people that they will and some say that they wont, can you clear this up for me?

Many thanks for your help.

Well Joe im a Man who like free stuff so i hardly buy anything from the Itunes music store BUT in answer to your question and many others i always refer to the FAQ of an app in this case you will find it here.∏=1899&f=1

But to answer your question here it is officaly from Nokia.

Q: Can I transfer my Apple iPod music files to my Nokia N91 using iTunes or via DragDrop?

A: This depends on the music files you want to transfer. You can transfer unprotected files, for example files that you have imported from your own music CD. Transferring protected music files, such as files you have bought from for example the iTunes music store, is not possible, because Nokia N91 does not support the DRM solution used in Apple iPod (FairPlay). Please notice that Drag&Drop can be used in both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X environment but iTunes can be used only in Apple Mac OS X (version 10.4 or later) environment with Nokia Music Manager for Mac, please see Nokia N91 support pages at for further assistance.

Hope this helps!!



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