N91: Play An Episode from Battlestar Galactica on your Nokia N91

Ok, Some News.

Some of you may know that like most people I am a fan of Battlestar Galactica and currently the last episode is going to be shown on Sky One ( Ireland / UK Tv) next Tuesday, Awwwwwwwww very sad day…..:-(

BUT im prepared, ive decided to put all my season 1/2 episodes on to the Nokia N91 so that they will be with me always.

and here is how ive done it.

First you need to convert the DVD.

Ive got the first season on DVD but of course the files ae way to big to put on the phone.

So when i first started useing the Video Ipod i converted all the episodes to ipod format useing Handbrake, this app is for the MAC only as far as i know. Converted them all to ipod format and loaded in to my machine and itunes to view on my video ipod.

Ok now in order to get them on to the Phone they need to be coverted to a partiular resolution as i will show u.

In the above screenshot i used Isquint, its fine but i think ill keep looking for a better bit of app, Im testing another app and if i get better results ill let you know here.

Also , after viewing the completed file on the N91 i think i can go higher with the Framerate , now the Max is 30fps so ill try that next time round.

Once completed copy the file to the video folder on the N91 Harddrive and let Realplayer play it for you, and now you have battlestar galactica on your N91

Dont belive me?? Well here is a mov of it.

And an updated vid here 

So the BIG question , what is the Quality like?? Well first look about and see how i encoded it.

208×176 resolution

350 bitrate


And here are some screenshots from the phone its self.

The Battlestar Galactica episode is "Water"

Let start with the preinstalled player

Ohhhh now its loading…..

Opeing credits……they look they feel ……..and they have a plan….etc..etc…..

Looking good……ok concentrate!!

You will notice that the video is now on pause, once this has been done clicking on "Options" and selecting "Continue in Fullscreen you get ……..

FULL SCREEN! Now you will see from the video i posted that when the video on the phone is in full screen it uses the screen lenght wise and this is done to good effect.

I knew she was suspect..

And as you can see its on with the show!

Action Scene…

What the Frak! Did you know that we Irish have something like that?
Instead of Fuck, we use "Feck"!

Good detail i think…….

Camera moves up…….

Not Bad, Not bad at all! the Picture quality i refer to of course!!

And back to normal view.

Now i find that normal view is not that confortable but in full screen view it works best. There are occasions when it will miss a frame , im gonna work on that and see if it can be improved a bit more.


This is adding more weight to the debate that the next gen mobile is going to kill off the Ipod, im thinking at the moment there both now in the race, im willing to bet that in the next 3-4 years we are going to see a change from Ipods to smart phones provided that Apple doesnt do something major to the Ipod , like turn it in to a half phone as well.

Id be interested in anyone else who has tried this and what experiences they have encountered, also please included the specs, what you used , what bitrate , fps, etc…etc…

Hope this was a good post for you all!




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12 responses to “N91: Play An Episode from Battlestar Galactica on your Nokia N91

  1. Anthony

    great videos.

    actually i only have 5 music videos and 1 full length concert on my N91.

  2. elloco

    In the FAQ at

    Do a search for “Video” and there are a lot of tips and tricks to get the most out of Video playback from the N91

  3. elloco

    Oh and you can press the key “2” that’s the number 2 on the keymat to switch between full screen and normal screen.


  4. macbuckley

    HI Elloco,
    Many thanks for the comments, now this is what im talking about when getting feedback from the readers, everyone learns something!
    Cool and thanks again!!

  5. Hi,

    For your PC using readers, you could use Super and the following settings:

    1. Output Container: mp4
    2. Output Video Codec: mp4; Video Scale: 320×240; Aspect: 4:3; Frame/Sec: 25; Bitrate: 384; Hi Quality; Use Directshow;
    3. Output Audio Codec: AAC; Samp. Freq: 44.1kHz; 2 Channels; Bitrate: 64

    Works very well for me!

  6. Ooops! My bad. Super is available here (for free!):


  7. DavEc


    I put a 747mb mp4 on my N91 and I get the error ‘unable to play sound or video clip. Trying to play partially.’ It will playback audio but not video. 😦

    The file details are below;

    format – mp4 (converted from an avi using isquint’s default settings)
    resolution – 640 x 360 (maybe this is the problem???)
    bitrate – 125 kbps
    size 747mb

    I did have success with these settings on a smaller file (70mb or so…)

    I will encode the same avi file at smaller resolution (208×176) and let you know how i get on…

    BTW If it turns out that the mp4 file is too big for playback, can any one reccomend an app that can split mp4’s without needing to re-encode?

    Macbuckley, what was the size of the Battlestar Gallactica file you had success with? Do you think my problems are caused by my incorrect resolution setting?



  8. DavEc


    It works! Use Macbuckley/Nokia reccomended settings for video conversion… 🙂

    I cant get over this phone! Thanks to Macbuckley’s first class support I got my contacts and ical entries onto the N91 with no problems, now I have 20 albums and a 1hr 48 minute video and I still have 1.9gb free! I can check my email, use agile messenger and browse the web via Opera! Awesome!

    This makes my old communicator (and iPod video) look like an antique!

    Now all I need is the firmware update…



  9. macbuckley

    NO Pbrs Dave , Im glad that my posts help people out.

  10. Darragh

    I feel like a sham posting on this site ‘cos I use my N91 with a … PC

    Anyway, the config settings for the excellent SUPER app posted above worked a treat.

    Thank you.

    The first file is tested was an excellent CAM of Superman Returns which renders beautifully on the Phone.


  11. Andrew

    I would like to know what’s the max. resolution you can convert for the N91?

    Anyone tried it out?

    PS. I use QuicktimPro and it’s works perfect. best program i know for doing converting things


  12. Pete

    non of my converted videos wont work on my n91 even tough i have tried millions of different adjustments on super, it says that unable to play the video but you can hear the sound.. and 208×176, well, you wont find it from super 😦 any suggestions?

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