N91:Tips for New Owners of the Nokia N91


Just a quick post with some tips Id like to pass on to New owners and expectant owners of the Nokia n91.

1, When you get the phone be sure to charge/re-charge the battery at least 3 times, ie use the phone untill the batter goes dead, and keep repeating it , this will help improve the battery performance in the long run.

2, Backup , Backup ,Backup all your contacts and what ever else you intend to copy over to the Nokia N91, I promise you you are going to love the Nokia N91 but it DOES have a learning curve and it has plenty to learn about . You will make mistakes, and may need to reformat the harddrive or do a major reset , but as long as you have backups of your contacts you will be ok.

3, Be sure to read the manual fully , yeah i know your too cool to do that , but belive me , this isnt some ordinary phone, this is the Mothership of phones.

4, Take the time to get use to the phone , in other words , learn to use it properly , seek answer out within the manual, the FAQ on the Nokia site and in the end ask here .

Enjoy your new Gadget!



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One response to “N91:Tips for New Owners of the Nokia N91

  1. amit

    thanx…..and give me more tips for my phone

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