Question: N91, What is the Video Full Screen Playback like?

Hadi Wrote in to me today with this question….


Hi I was wondering what the full screen video playback on the N91 is like? Also, is this device UPnP compatible? thanks



Well Hadi , the full screen playback is really dependent on how the video file has been encoded, if it done right then the quality will be very good. Also I have a little surprise for you all, but that will be in the next post.

As for Upnp , i hate to say it but it is NOT present in the Nokia N91 , at least not in the Euro version, there is a chance that it will be include in the next firmware release but thats yet to be confirmed.

Also for those that dont know what Upnp is……..

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP): Using a wireless LAN access point device, you can create a home network and connect compatible UPnP devices that support wireless LAN to the network, a compatible PC, a compatible printer, a compatible sound system, a compatible TV, or a sound system or TV equipped with a compatible wireless multimedia receiver.

Special Sci-fi post coming!



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