N91: What type of Headphones are the best for use with the Nokia N91?

Wadi from Brunei wrote in to me with this Question.


Hi Mac,

It's Wadi from BRUNEI.

I bought N91 last week and the package contains nokia and sennheiser PX200 headphones. I like sennheiser headphones but i dont like nokia as it hurt my ears.

I'm searching the right headphones for me… what type is your headphones.. i like to review it. What your opinions? Please advise.

Many Thanks.


Well Wadi , thats a tough question really as everyone isdiffrent and have diffrent tastes as to what kind of sound they like.

For me i like Dance, heavy bass music , Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, etc…..etc….. so sound is important to me.
The phone does provide great quality sound as you will see from my prevous posts, ( Just do a search) so picking a good earphone set is a good idea.

My own experience is that usualy the more expensive they are the better quality the sound will be, of course this depends on how you encode the song in the first place, ive mentioned before that i have encoded ALL of my songs in 192kbps as MP3's for me this is fine, others may differ.

Here is a simple guide to go by when picking the right set for your ears.

There are 3 sections to buying a set of Earphones for the Nokia N91,


Most expensive in my view but well worth it, they have a frequency range up to 110khz, these are well suited to listen to Movie Soundtracks and Classical music if you are looking for the ultimate in sound quality. The only downside is that they tend to be the big type , very noticeable headsets.

Noise Cancelling

These would as the name suggests cancel out background noise , so if you are traveling on a bus, car, etc…..etc… then this may be the better pick. They are slighty less expensive then the Hi-Fi versions but ultmately offer the best of both worlds.

Normal Walkman Type

Ok these are the ones I use , but instead of the open ear type i prefer the inear type, mostly because its a good snug fit and will keep out most background noise.
I use this model.

My Sony Earphones

There very good for what i need , but in the end the choice is your as to what you use.




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3 responses to “N91: What type of Headphones are the best for use with the Nokia N91?

  1. i use Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones and honestly i am very much happy with the sound. Actually this is also what im using with my ipod.

    Using this earphones may take awhile to get used to, (read reviews, link below) but once you get the perfect fit, its just perfect for your N91 and iPod.


  2. elloco

    There are some in-ear type headphones from Shure and other manufacturers that work great.

    There are noise cancelling.

    If you like good bass sound the Sennheissers HD485/495 work great but the chord is rather long.

    Bose also has some great headphones like the Quiet Comfort II headphones

  3. Wadi

    Thank you all for give me advices. I’m really appreciate it. Time for me to look for new earbud.

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