N91/MAC: Security Update 2006-003 and N91?

HI ,

Well testing times are ahead for some of us, but im more interested in the effect this update will have on the recent hack for Isync and Nokia n91.

Security Update 2006-003
As some of you may know , a hack was discovered that allowed the ful use of isync with the Nokia n91 , now when i say full use im talking about it copying over Everthing in the address book which includes contact pics!

Now with the release of this security update im wondering will this be a big impact on us users with the Nokia N91?

Please let me know , those of you with MAC's and Nokia N91's if you discover anything usual, ive downloaded the securtiy update last night myself but yet to test it with the Phone, ie…..Finder, Bluetooth , Isync, etc….etc…. So as soon as i find something ill let you know here in this post.




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2 responses to “N91/MAC: Security Update 2006-003 and N91?

  1. Anthony I

    Iinstalled this morning. Tried to isync after and everything is normal. you need not worry.

  2. macbuckley

    Thanks Anto, good to hear!

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