N91: Unable to Send SMS Messages

Recently received an email from Mark ,  a very troubled owner of a Nokia N91, ….


Hello from Manila… came across your website and here

Ive been using my N91 for about 2 weeks now and last
week a noticed that it would take much longer for my
messages to be sent. I thought it might be a network
problem since I was out of the country at the time (im
from the Philippines and I was in Thailand) but the
problem continued even when I got home.

Right after composing a new message, i press send and
the phone apprears to be sending properly then it
'hangs' for aroung 30-45 seconds before I can do
ANYTHING else with the phone… and thats a REALLY
long time if

One time I was charging the phone while texting and i
noticed that even the battery charging indicator would
pause until the message was sent.

Ive tried several restarts, and even reverted to
factory settings but still the problem persists.
Switching from phone memory to the hard disk doesnt
help either. Could it be because ive got some personal
SMS folders set-up where Ive saved around 150
messages? I hope not coz my old Sony didnt have any
memory complications like that. Its getting really
frustrating so I hope you can offer some advice.
Thanks a whole lot 😀

Well Mark , im hopeing the other readers may have a better solution then me but here is what I'd do.

Id find a way to copy those message's to a PC/MAC and then remove the personal folders from the phone and continue as normal , see if that makes a differance.

If not and it still happens even with the phones folder tree setup as normal then i think you may have a bad Nokia N91 in which case id return to where you got from and get a replacement.

I havent heard of anything like this before, but maybe someone else has??




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11 responses to “N91: Unable to Send SMS Messages

  1. Anthony I

    it happens if the message stays in your ‘outbox’ folder. meaning it is still sending or trying to connect, this happens both with sending sms or mms.

    i presume, you’re checking your outbox and you see your message tag as ‘sending’ (for the longest time), then you press ‘back’ this is where the problem is, right?

    i had this problem way back with my 6680 and n90 (with latest firmware). my opinion, it has something to do with the connection not the phone.


    Wait for the message to be sent before pressing back button .if it fails, you have the option to resend/deferred or you can just move it to your drafts and send a little bit later. No need to restart your phone, again, just wait and wait and wait : ) I think both Smart and Globe are still doing some adjustments with their 3G network.

    I am with Smart and I do get the same situation at times, mostly when im at DOME, Shangrila. But most of the time, everything is normal.

    Enjoy your N91!

  2. macbuckley

    Thanks for the info Anthony, lets see if it we get a responce.

  3. pappy

    It may just be a software bug. I hear there is a new version of software soming ins a few weeks so rather than replacing the device, go ask for a sw update

    Check on this forum Im sure someone will tell people when they have the new software


  4. Adrian

    I’m having the same problem. Once i press send sms, the whole system freezes and will only resume once the SEND icon disappears. It takes up to a minute and I basically just have to wait. All other functions on the phone cease during this time. Need help. I’ve tried reformatting and clearing everything. Still does not help.

  5. macbuckley

    I suggest a firmware update unless you havent done the hard reset already??

  6. may

    How do I get a firmware update?

  7. Can anyone recommend me?
    I need an free sms service for my homepage.
    I am seeking one with the option to change the design(for a bit).
    Thanks a million!

  8. jamz

    all your problems is happening on my n91 too.im thinking of shifting to n91 8gb but the price and uncertainty of the software just like n91 could only make me to just go back to my n91 nstead.

  9. Steve

    March 27th, 2007 at 3:02 pm

    Well i am trying to do a soft reset on my N91 …but since i bought the phone form a friend i DONT have the CODE for it …so now how can i get a CODE and get a reset ….

    The reason i am trying to do a reset is that i cannot Read My messeges …..

    HELP …. 😦

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