N91: Usefull App, Google Moblie Maps


One thing about having a very usefull device like the Nokia N91 is the usefullness that comes with it.

Certainly it can be argued that the IPOD is very usefull, the swiss army knife etc….. BUT the Nokia N91 holds alot more for the average person on the street.

I give to you Google Mobile Maps.


Now , if you are like me , you will live in a city that is always changeing, Dublin, Ireland is the place that i live and work in.
For anyone that knows Dublin and travels thru it , you will certainly know that Dublin is a really 2 citys in one.

Now i dont own a car so i know Dublin by foot very well, if i were to drive it however then id be in trouble as there are so many one way streets then mind boggles.

Enter Google Mobile Maps, one of the better aspects of the app is that it will show you one way streets, belive me , this is really usefull in Dublin.

Google Maps works very well on the phone , mind you im useing my WIFI connection so this is why it works so fast on the phone.  Now Dublin hasnt got the wide spread Wifi that seems to be coming to San Fran in the US, but there are plenty of pubs and hotels in the city that offer a free wifi connection, so perhaps while getting a cup of coffe you can also see where the heck you are  and also check your gmail ( something i posted on before)

So here is the link, i find going direct with the phones browser to the google mobile site and download from there is better.

Have fun!!



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