N91: Nokia beats Apple to the market with its Nokia N91 phone



Ok , let be fair , After reading a recent report that Apple is teaming up with "Softbank" to produce a IPOD like cellphone.

Here are some of the interesting bits….

"The two companies will reportedly first develop a 3G cell phone model that incorporate functions reminiscent of Apple's popular iPod, eliminating the need for consumers to carry two separate devices. "

Ok , the Nokia already does this , this is one of the reasons i bought the N91 so i didnt have to carry an IPOD as well, Apple seems to be seeing this as well and are now entering the ring.

"These handsets are to be released in Japan sometime this year at the earliest," the report states."

I suspect that is is the test market, if you can make it here then your on to a winner, but time will tell. 

"Apple plans to later introduce similar media-enabled cell phones in the United States, the report adds. Details such as the fee for downloading songs is said to be up for discussion amongst the two companies at a later date.

The reliability of the report is unknown.  "

What is reliable??  Ok so here is my view on this.

Apple are starting to see that the IPOD is coming under more preassure to hold on to its market share, this is understandable , who wouldnt want a piece of the cake!

The Nokia company has shown that it means business and with the launch of the Nokia N91 its a serious contender, granted its a small step but it shows where they are heading . If they can get the market share for mobiles with built in mp3's and market it right then why would anyone buy an extra device to carry around??

Expect to see a battle on the way , so far Nokia have won round one.




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4 responses to “N91: Nokia beats Apple to the market with its Nokia N91 phone

  1. Lance

    Apple will have a VERY tough time competing with the likes of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung in Europe. The problem is Apple doesn’t know the phone market the way these companies do. YES, they know how to make and market an mp3 player but that’s all an iPod is, an mp3 player (sans video capabilities). The ROKR E1, although not the “iphone”, was a flop in Europe even though it carried the famous iTunes name and acted iPod like. It was up against the brands and software people knew and trusted IN the mobile phone market. The average consumer in Europe will not buy a phone from Apple who has no knowledge in the market and is/always will be associated with iPods/music. Europe along with Japan will dictate ANY success Apple might have in this arena. The outlook for Europe though, is like predicting Nokia going bankrupt, it won’t happen here and any Apple phone product will ultimately lose to the likes of Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson or further brands in Japan.

    The Nokia N91 was the beginning of the iPod’s end here in Europe. In 2-3 years time, Nokia (and the likes of Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones/Samsung creations) will increase disc size(flash drives of 10-20 gb),camera size(5-8 megapixels),all-round functionality (music,movies,internet) and saturate the mobile multimedia market with these devices. They will become more common and people will say “why do I need an iPod, my phone already does that and better”.

    One must not take the predictions of Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki, head of Nokia’s multimedia division, of the demise of the iPod and domination of mobile phones over it so lightly. It is popular now, but it is on its way out. Apple will be battling a losing battle and it’s entirely possible they could license out a mobile version of iTunes to even stay in the market. Simply put, Apple can not compete with over a billion mobile phone users compared to millions of iPod users.

  2. macbuckley

    Wow! Thanks Lance , thats got to the the best comment ive had here since the blog has started. Many thanks for your view on this. It was a good read.

  3. Wadi

    Yeah good comment. Let see if ipodmobile will survive if only apple going for mobile market. I would say ipodmobile/apple cannot compete but who knows maybe they can do better like nokia introduce their n91.

  4. Hadi

    no way…!!! no no no….Apple needs to realise that there is MUCH MORE to making a phone then there is to making an ipod. Furthermore I am speculating that there will be no OS what so ever in the “iphone” devices. Also I would like to point out to you guys that even if the first “iphone” is released next year Nokia will be much further by that time. By that time we can expect 2.5 inch, wifi enabled, large storage touting(bigger than 4gb), great cameras, and of course refined OS phones by Nokia. The phone described above in all likelihood will be announced this september along side the fabled N83. Get ready boys, the Nokia N91 has brought on a revolution!!!!

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