N91: Tips for New Owners, Your N91 MAC Address…etc..


Ive noticed in the net people asking how to connect to their Wifi network.

Now depending on how its setup , for example if its open to the public their shouldnt be an issue really , no diffrent then having your laptop with you and gettig connected to a Public Hotspot.

BUT if you need to register with the Router, ie perhaps it is tight on the security and it needs your MAC address so as to pass you internet traffic you are going to need to give it  your MAC address here is how..

To check the unique Media Access Control (MAC) address that identifies your device, enter *#62209526# in the standby mode.

Also here is how to connect ……

Your device supports the following wireless LAN features:

  • IEEE 802.11g standard
  • Operation at a frequency of 2.4 GHz
  • Encryption methods wired equivalent privacy (WEP) with keys up to 128 bits, Wi-Fi protected access (WPA), and 802.1x. These functions can be used only if they are supported by the network.

You can create an Internet access point (IAP) in a wireless LAN and use it for applications that need to connect to the Internet.

Create an Internet access point

  1. Press the Menu key, and select Connect. > Conn mgr > Availab. WLAN.
  2. The device searches for wireless LANs within range. To create an Internet access point in a network, select Options > Define access point.
  3. The device creates an Internet access point with default settings.

When an application asks you to select an access point, select the created access point, or WLAN network, to search for wireless LANs in range.

A wireless LAN connection is established when you create a data connection using a wireless LAN Internet access point. The active wireless LAN connection ends when you end the data connection.

You can use wireless LAN during a voice call or when packet data is active. You can only be connected to one wireless LAN access point device at a time, but several applications can use the same wireless LAN connection.

When you activate the Offline profile, you can still use wireless LAN (if available). Remember to comply with any applicable safety requirements when establishing and using a wireless LAN connection.

There are two operating modes in wireless LAN: Infrastructure and Ad-hoc.

  • The infrastructure operating mode allows two kinds of communication: wireless devices are connected to each other through a wireless LAN access point device, or wireless devices are connected to a wired LAN through a wireless LAN access point device.
  • In the ad hoc operating mode, devices can send and receive data directly with each other.

 Hope this Helps , its off that some people dont seem to know about FAQ's on apps these days, but if i can help then sure thing!




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10 responses to “N91: Tips for New Owners, Your N91 MAC Address…etc..

  1. Raphael

    Hi, I have some trouble accessing the Wifi network and I just realised that I might also need to setup a fixed, this is very easy to do:
    Once in the access point page:
    Options > Advanved settings > IPv4 Settings
    You can also setup the IPv6 and the proxy.


  2. Hebert

    I’m having trouble accessing my WiFi settings in that in menu->connect.->conn.mgr. I get the message “no active connections” and I don’t have the options of selecting “availab. wlan”

    I am using
    v 1.10.030
    N91 (19.01)

  3. Ryan


    I have the exact same probleme. I no you posted this about 6 months ago, but did you ever figure it out? Thanks

  4. Hmm i have a wireless adsl router and eventhough ive made all the settings required my cell phone browser still gives me the message “No gateway action”… What to do?…

  5. Anjan Dey

    dear sir
    recently purchased Nokia N91 music edition 8GB
    i am not able to connect my internet services on my phone. i have wlan service in my college..i do not know much about this amazing gadget N91, plz tell me the steps which should be followed.plz help.

  6. Mahmmod


    the problems ur having that ur N91 does not show
    avail. wlan in connection manager
    it is because nokia has launched some n91 without WiFi

    Rm : 158(its launch in china)

    hope u get answer of ur prob

  7. @sm

    I’m having trouble accessing my WiFi settings in that in menu->connect.->conn.mgr. I get the message “no active connections” and I don’t have the options of selecting “availab. wlan”

    I am using
    v 1.10.030
    N91 (19.01)

  8. @sm

    i bought a nokia n91 it doesn not hav wifi…
    i search all over the world why ??? Guess what

    there are two models .. one is Nokia N91-1 & Nokia N91-5

    N91-1 has wifi but N91-5 does not have it ?

    N91 release in China Mainland can not use wifi or 3G , in fact you can se the “RM-158” when you unload your battery. The Chinese law restrict phone wifi before 3G. So you will see that mobilephone release in China always has a different version without wifi, althought the phone has the wlan hardware. But I am afraid these problem can’t be fixed through flash a new software version. But the other kind of N91 is N91-1 ,with the letter of “RM-43” can use wifi for free.

    We pay so much money and end up in this shit way

  9. I have the same problem. I have a N91-5 RM-158 since November 2006. I chose this phone over N73 because I love music and it has 3G & WLAN. I end up regretting. It doesn’t have WLAN nor 3G. I paid 26,000 Philippines Pesos or US$ 616 for a GSM only handset. Nowadays even a US$200 handset has WLAN & even 3.5G. It’s too late. I don’t have money anymore to buy even the cheapest WLAN enabled phone. I’m so sad. Before I bought my N91 I’ve searched the net every day & night just to read reviews about N91 but none of them talked about this version of N91 that doesn’t have 3G & WLAN so I was so secure I’d buy the right one. But this is what happened. I ended up regretting my whole life. It’s too late. Cos this would be my last phone. I don’t have money to buy another phone again. According to guys at GSMarena, they say that N91-5 really has no 3G chip and WLAN hardware so there’s nothing that can be done about this matter at all. It’s so sad. 😦

  10. hardik

    Dont worry brother….y dont search on ebay for used fone….

    Well i too hav n91 this is my 4th n91. I jst love this phone.

    All previous phones had wifi but this one doesnt cause it was couriered to me and i wasnt able to check it even once….

    Believe me ebay will help….regards

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