MAC N91: What is your reason?

Hi Guys,

There seems to be a lot of readers of this blog , and as I want to make it as interactive as possible I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of people come to this blog to read.

So please have a look on the right hand side of this page and you should see a new section called "Current Survey"
Below is a link to a simple survey, just simply click on one and see the results for your self , I think It will be interesting for all to see who is reading so far.  Plus It will give me more ideas for the blog to make it better.

Many Thanks for your Help.




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6 responses to “MAC N91: What is your reason?

  1. Lance

    I think it would be beneficial to set up a forum and set up an F.A.Q for people. There are alot of people who seem to be coming to your blog and this could be useful for a place for all users of the N91.

    The userbase will grow and this could become a main resource place for not just the N91 but for all Nokia music phones that may follow it.

  2. macbuckley

    HI Lance,
    An interesting idea, how ever i dont really have the time to be setting up a Forum with FAQ’s , this blog was started as a simple hobby for me, I love gadgets and I thought that Id share my interest with the world of te Nokia N91.
    The Blog is a simple realtime user experience platform, readers can email in their thoughts and ideas, or issues that they have based on the phone and ill post them so that others can help as ouve seen already.
    In time however , not sure when, I will give up this blog and hand it over to someone else who has a passion for this.

  3. Hadi

    I think your blog has really taken over as a premiere spot for sharing knowledge regarding the N91

  4. macbuckley

    Thanks Hadi, Im just love my N91 and simpy share it with who ever wants to know.
    Many thanks for the Support.

  5. gamoid

    I agree with Hadi. There are not a lot of n91 support sites out there at the moment and this is definitely one of the better ones !

    Keep up the good work Macbuckley !

  6. macbuckley

    Thanks Guys, Always good to hear this.

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