Nokia N91:Question: Which Colour to pick?

HI , Well Lizz ( the first female reader) has sent me in an Email with this……


I've noticed online retailers selling the N91 in two
colors, the chrome and grey. All the pictures I've
seen make the face color look black. Is this the grey
phone or will it be offered in black?

I plan to buy the phone in the coming weeks but I
don't particularly like the look of the chrome.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!



Well Lizz , as far as I know, BUT could be incorrect, in Europe the phoneis selling mostly as the Chrome( Sliver) version. I belive the Black face model is being sold in Asia Pacifc, ( Ca anyone confirm that?) and as for the grey im not to sure.

Perhaps our readers can write in and tell us what colour their phone is , and what area of the world they belong to. Also which is best.

I for one are very happy with the chrome to be honest , im sure youve seen from the pics that it has a nice shine to it .

Can anyone add to this??





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7 responses to “Nokia N91:Question: Which Colour to pick?

  1. Rich

    Maybe I can help a little on this one.

    I have an N91 in silver (which I got on from ActivMobile in Hull, on a T-Mobile Flext 35 + web’n’walk contract), and it’s excellent. When I asked about the colour, the chrome version is said to be the first version to go on sale, with the black version to follow in a few months (like with the 6680, the black version came out later). The grey version has been deleted and will not now go into production, as Nokia feel it’s too close in looks to the silver version.

    Hope that helps!

  2. macbuckley

    Many thanks Rich, this is exactly the kind of info im looking for and ive learned something as well.
    Thanks for the info!!

  3. Hadi

    I think I migt be able to help. If you take a lookon Ebay the largest sellers suchas Import-gsm and X1387 are selling mainly te black version. Baisically what happened is that the N91 bundle pack (black box N91 with Seinheisser eadset) is labelled as being of a grey colour. However if you have bought any of the Black box’s (sold only online and in Asia as far as im concerned) you will find the phone to be black. SO the black N91’s are in fact out there on the market. Just check ebay to see for yourself. or go to and type in Nokia N91

  4. Lizz

    Thanks for all your help everyone! And I am honored to be your first female reader, or at least the first female to write in.

  5. macbuckley

    HI Lizz, To the best of my Knowledge your the first Female to write in to the Blog.
    Again Many Thanks

  6. Wadi

    Well guys i have the black one with the black box with the seinheisser headset. Anndd i’m from asia. to be exact in south east asia.

  7. XP

    I bought mine in Singapore, grey version 🙂

    Mine came in the black box with the sennheiser headset. The grey of kinda like gun metal grey, which is quite close to the black edition.

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