Nokia N91: Whats the N91 Like in Ireland?

Another email, this time sent in from Graham……


hey man i seen you post on the net,

i also live in dublin and i want to get a n 91,

how ya they over here, like can ya use all the features?

were did ya buy it?

can ya use the wlan o.k.? like is it jus the same as like using a laptop or sumtin?

i think the only place i've seen them is in the no 1 shop jus around from o connel st.


Well Graham,

Most of the answers are in the blog , just a case of useing the provided search box on the top right.;-)

In short ill answer the questions….

Can I use all the Features in ireland??

No, I cant use the Visual radio as that has not been established here yet. But everything else works just fine.

Where Did I Buy It?

I bought the phone from this site based in Dublin,

Ive found them to be very professional and had no issues at all.

Can I use the WIFI ( WLAN) ok?

Works fine for me , but really , its more of a case of which network you are trying to access. I have my phone setup to access my home wifi and works very well , in some ways just like my Powerbook does.

You may experience problems from other WIFI networks, of course make sure they are public in the first instance, ive been able to use the Wifi in several pubs in Dublin its self with no issues. Very Handy when waiting for the Ladies to turn up. πŸ˜‰

Where else in Dublin could I buy it?

Im not to sure to be honest, as ive got one now im not to bothered about getting anohter one. πŸ˜‰ I would try the usual spots , 3G, O2, etc…… im sure there are plenty of places selling them.

Hope this helps!!




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2 responses to “Nokia N91: Whats the N91 Like in Ireland?

  1. Raphael

    I am in Dublin too, I got mine from, the phone came from Germany but all the docs is in English (and French), it was 650 euro.
    I’d like to get an access to the Eircom Wireless network because (and fairplay to them…for once!) they have a very good coverage, at least in city center. The temp access for 24h is too expensive…


  2. macbuckley

    Dude, Eircom is nothing more then the devils own monopoly , that and Bitbuzz to which i curse to the high heavens. think free Free free!!!
    Why pay when u get it for free??

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