Nokia N91: Installed Theme’s, Which is good for you??

One of the more interestiing elements of the Nokia N91 is the installed themes that come with the phone.

I think it would be interesting to see which theme would be the most popular , although for me its an easy choice as you will see below.

This is the default theme , i use this ost of the time but sometimes I like to change it , i havent bothered to download from the net yet but i will soon.

The Glass Theme, Dont care for this one much to be honest, doesnt strike out as being cool, when you have something like a Nokia N91 , you want to impress all the way, but not with this theme.

 The Metal Theme, A slight modification on the Glass Theme. Again its dull, and not worth the time it was built on.

The Stave theme,Well first what is a "Stave"?  I had no indea but found out here. At first i liked the look of the theme , but after a while i realised that it was hard to read the SMS messages I was receiveing , in fact reading the text was a pain while i used this theme.

The Waveform Theme, Now this is my Fav, Why? Well RED will always get attention from people, so having it on this phone will make a good impression plus its very noticeable, White Text on RED background is easy to read for me at least.

Im sure there are plenty of other themes that can be installed on the phone but i wanted to cover the  themes that came with the phone to show those that are thinking of buying it what it has already.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read!




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13 responses to “Nokia N91: Installed Theme’s, Which is good for you??

  1. gamoid

    I use the SAKE theme, one of a few other themes that comes together with the Theme Generator from Nokia. You can find this piece of software from the Forum Nokia wesbite. This theme’s the only one that’s compatible with the n91 as I’ve tested with the rest and they don’t work.

  2. Raphael

    I got Light from the Download Themes (can Nokia get the Nobel prize for the Wifi in the N91?), I find this one to be the more readable one. I must check the Theme Generator though…

  3. macbuckley

    Ive tried the theme Generator on a Win XP machine , and to be honest i find it very slow , seems to have a large mempry footprint as well.

  4. Demonil

    Where can I get Waveform theme for n73?!

  5. Dave

    where can i download the stave and waveform themes. i have the N73me but its from orange and didnt come with the themes. Thanks

  6. i like waveform themes

  7. osama

    please can you help me i need download the waveform theme but i con’t.
    please tell me.

  8. MYn911

    btw the waveform theme (the red one) works the fastest, the phone loads faster with it and it alwosme

  9. MYn911

    and go online straigh from your phone, and see the bookmarks, the one saved as n-series will have the themes there for you, mine didn’t have the waveform as well…

  10. majid

    Where can I get Waveform theme for n73?!

  11. Hi,
    Please Provide me the direct link to download N91 Default Blue theme(shown above).

  12. loda

    teri maaa ki chut

  13. The_BoyzZ

    where i can get lights themes for n73??

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