Nokia N91: Music Library ,Incorrect Duration displayed.

Hi ,

Well here is one for the Sherlock of the Mobile tech world.

Ive recently discovered , ( Doesnt effect my usage) that my Nokia N91 Music Player is telling me lies!!!

See for your self….


As you can see ive 339 songs , each song being an average 3 mins long, encoded at 192 kbps. BUT yet it says the duration is 14 mins, 29 secs.

Ive refreshed the libary, rebooted the N91 and still i get this . to see this view …..


Do you get the same??  Id be interested in the replies to this as it may indicate a bug in the OS.

All feedback welcome.




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12 responses to “Nokia N91: Music Library ,Incorrect Duration displayed.

  1. gamoid

    Yes. I am also getting the same symptoms as you when i transfer music to my n91 using the music software from nokia. I thought it might be the phone issue so I did a hard reset but the problem is still there.

    It might be a bug on the OS but rather on the music software. Remember it’s still in the infant stage so I do hope that Nokia finds out about these inconsistencies and come up with an update. I have other friends that hold the n91 that has problems trying to load up a music library that’s over 10,000 songs using this software. It will “beachball” and render the whole software useless

  2. macbuckley

    HI Gamoid, Interesting stuff, but as far as i can see it is a bug none the less. In Ireland im looking around for where i can get a firmware update , but i belive i will have to go to a local Nokia reseller and get it there. Ive also heard you have to pay for it?? Thats pure maddness!! To pay for a Software upgrade that will hopefully clear bugs .

  3. Strange problem, ours are showing the correct “Duration”. What is interesting is that the refresh date is still being referenced as the 15th, maybe the refresh was not complete?


  4. macbuckley

    OK Lets compare notes here,
    For this issue im reporting my FW version as
    Whats yours Gamoid?

  5. Raphael

    Mine is:

    As far as I can tell, mine is correct. I have connected the N91 as a Mass Storage and got the Refresh warning the next time I went to Music… My firmware seems older than yours (28.01), this is strange, I checked a bit in Google and I could find already few different version of firmware.
    Well, so far my version is working good except the Wifi at work, I can access the Linksys router, it work perfectly with a different model at home.
    This is not related to this topic but is there any way to get log files (for debugging) on the N91?


  6. gamoid

    Mine is on :


    I’ve stopped using my mac to add in my music because it always has this problem. Quite frustrating actually.

    Yeah there seem to be a couple of different firmwares out there. Even my hard disk does not have the scan/defrag options which I know exists in other n91s out there. I figured that it might be due to a corrupted OS so I did a hard reset but the options are still not there.

    I’ve also checked with Nokia on this and they don’t seem to know about these options (typical of them from where I come from) and they are not aware of the duration problem when transferring music from a Mac.

    All they can say is to wait for a new firmware upgrade (which they are unsure when) to fix up these bugs.

  7. pappy


    I asked the guys over on the Nokis Technical deiscussion online board (where Nokia people answer questions)

    SW: V1.00.028 is the latest version. The .13, .58 ets, the last two numbers are related to the country, operator etc Its not newer just designates which country, language choices etc the software has.

    HDD: No N91 has defrag or scan disk that has the V1.00.028 version of future. Any N91’s that had it are running protos software and one guy commented that it was removed because it sucked.

    Wifi: I assume yor WIFI at work is secure using WEP. Did you set it up correctly?

    Duration: Mine works fine Did you let refresh library complete from within the Music player?


  8. macbuckley

    Pappy , I let mine do the refresh each time but still no join.
    With the Free update from Nokia this might be fixed , it not kiling me so i can wait.

  9. Bill

    V1.1 should be available soon (if not already) I suggest to phone the service center and ask.

  10. niro

    Have you calculated the duration of those 339 songs that you currently have on your n91 on your apple in iTunes?

    I ask this because, if the duration comes to… 7 hours, 14 mins, 29 seconds… or round about.. then you know the fault is due to the screen width and the software not scrolling… something nokia might have forgotten to consider..

  11. hi

    mine is


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