Nokia N91 : Question, Can Any Headphones be used with the N91 remote?

Just received an Email from Daniel today with the below question….


I´m just curios if you can use the remote control with any 3,5mm headphones(I know you can plug any headphones directly into the phone itself)? And if so is the microphone built into the remote so you can still answer calls with the headphones on?
Thanks for a great site!

Best regards



Well Daniel, from my own experience I can tell you that it does indeed work with any Headphones with 3.5mm jack as ive used my own many times, also the remote does indeed work very well, mic included.
Its very usefulll and a welcome addtion to any phone, as one thing i hate is not being able to use my fav set with the phone.

Hope this is of use to you and as always I welcome any and all comments on this .



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