Nokia N91: Accessories for the Nokia N91

There comes a time that sooner or later, that phone needs to be looked after correctly. Let be honest here it costs a pretty penny, it does a good job at what it does so why not look after it??

Well ive decided to get a Carry Case for the phone , most of the time its in my pocket and it MIGHT get scratched , remember I have the Sliver one.

So Im going to get this carry case…….( Click on image for link)
The CP-69

The Nokia Carrying Case CP-67 is a padded carrying case with universal design that can be attached horizontally or vertically. Made of leather with a velcro closure, this padded case includes a ratchet belt clip carrying option. 

Ive searched around a bit and i think I may buy it from this spot, but id be interested if anyone else has some recomendations???




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3 responses to “Nokia N91: Accessories for the Nokia N91

  1. Wadi

    My n91 is bundled with its own protection cover. Its leather. Good thing i dun have to buy a new one.. the bad is its for the pocket only. Cannot be used with the belt.

  2. gamoid

    yeah mine comes with the leather protection cover too. The one with the elastic strap. It’s fine for me because I don’t normally carry it on my belt. If only nokia could replace this with a magnetic clip instead of an elastic band to hold the flap. I find it quite a hassle to remove my phone everytime i need it.

  3. Lox Thomson

    does the CP-69 support the n91, with the opening for the headphone and access to the unlock?


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