Nokia N91 : Firmware Info, Dont Pay for it!!!

Ok ,

Ive decided to get a bit more info on this whole Firmware thing with Nokia and so far here is what ive learned.

I got this info direct from a Nokia reseller who does Firmware up dates.

Here is what ive learned.

In Ireland it costs about 25 Euro to get a Firmware
Now in my view it should be free!!! Think what would happen if Microsoft decided t charge everytime they made an update on the OS simply to fix an issue??!! BIll Would own every country!!!

Soooooo i decided to check another place, and what do you know?? Its free!!! Here is why……

When you buy the Nokia N91 phone it comes under warrently, they have a way at the shop to check the phone also , you dont need to bring in your recept all they need is the phone serial number and they can check to se if it is not stolen or something like that. Once confirmed they have no prbs in doing the update which should only take 30 mins.

Nokia resellers get these updates from a Special Website, in "Data Packets"
Currently the latest version is Data Packet 4.0 MCU 1.02
Within this Data Packet there are 2 diffrent firmware versions
Now this i was surprised with , when i asked him why the tech said its dependent on the Product code of the phone. I should have asked him more on this as i wasnt really sure what He meant.

What are they then??
They are


Are they the Latest Versions??

When i asked him this He was confident in saying YES, but He was still waitng on a Special cable in order to perform the update.

When is the next Version going to be released??

He had no idea, but generaly they do release new ones all the time and download them from the Website its self.
Id be interestedin having a look at this site but He was unwilling to give me the address ( fair enough).

Ok So there you have it , thats what ive dug up ,maybe your going to do this your self some time but if you learn something from this post DO NOT PAY for your update , you are entitled to it, heck you payed enough for it!!!

Hope this is usefull.




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9 responses to “Nokia N91 : Firmware Info, Dont Pay for it!!!

  1. Anonymous

    1.00.028 is the initial release
    1.01.001 is a special fix to read Cyrillic metadata

  2. Anonymous


  3. macbuckley

    Thanks Anonymous, but where are you getting 1.10.000 from??

  4. Anonymous

    the 1.10.000 is actuallly available here in the Philippines. Bbut the problem with that is that it can make certain problems worse ex the standby screen freeze or the music buttons not functioning. The memory access is faster though.

  5. Larry

    I was referred to you from Howard Forums. Purchased my N91 here in Toronto, Canada not two weeks ago. The unit is very very well made. Sound is great, music is great, reception is great. There is a bit of lag between menus, but I attribute that to the Microdrive as it is not Flash memory which is instantaneous. My problem is with the video camera. I activate the camera and then you can switch to video mode with the joystick. When I do that I get a GENERAL SYSTEM ERROR!! I reset the phone and it still does the same thing. Some people have suggested it is a firmware problem, so I need to know how to upgrade the firmware or just reflash it. I am very technically knowledgeable being in the computer hardware business for 20 years. Anybody know what programs are necessary and where I can get the firmware????

  6. macbuckley

    Well Larry,
    Unlike other phones you simply have to go to a Nokia reseller or Nokia Outlet and get it there. Where did you get the phone from?? If the phone is legally bought then they should be able to flash it for you.
    have a look at this link,8764,71518,00.html
    Find your country and give your local repair centre a call , if its only 2 weeks old im sure you can get it reflashed, if not take it back to where you got it and ask for a new one.

  7. Swanx

    I currently have the firmware V1.00.028.58 29-03-06 RM-43. The problem I have is that when I try to install s60 3rd ed themes onto it, they are replaced by my default theme when I get back to standby, do I need a firmware upgrade?

  8. macbuckley

    Hmmmmm Strange one, are you sure that the themes are really for S60 3rd edtion?/
    Thats the only thing i can think of that would do that.
    Can you post the link here so i can take a look and have a go myself??

  9. zoegod

    i read from a forum that the micro drive is best used only for multimedia files (music mp3, puctures, video) and not for themes, applications, SMS. its best to leave these things be installed on the phone memory.

    another thing is that for th data in the micro drive be more accessible/faster loading, they should be organized in different folders not in just one folder.
    eg. all your MP3 in one folder is bad but rather use sub folders
    its best to fill a folder with 50 max file for best

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