Nokia N91: Question: Can Any Bluetooth Headphones work with Nokia N91?

Danny from the UK has sent me in this Email ………
hi its danny from the uk here, im looking at the n91
and you seem to be able to answer most question
regarding the phone, my only concern at the moment are
the headphones, i would be looking at bluetooth
headphones as wires always piss me off, (one of the
reasons i got my imac last year, no wires, works
perfectly and aesthetically its the best ive ever
seen) but back to the question, i want to get the
proper headphones, "dj" style and wanted to know if
they could directly connect to the phone or not,
thanks in advance
Well Danny Boy!!! ( Sorry Irish thing) ,

I havnt any experience in useing a Bluetooth Headset with the Nokia Phones but i have looked in it and here is what i found and for what its worth I think ( Its my blog, I can think what i like).

Firstly, If you realy want some of these headphones , the DJ style ones then you need to take in to consideration some points.

If you DO get Wifi enabled headphones , which work with the Nokia N91, what happens when you get a call??
Think of this? There you are , walking down the street , boping along to your fav tunes that you've just loaded in to the nokia N91 .
Right now your the man , your the Dude , Amigo , the DON of portable gadget magic. Everyone can see that you are wearing these DJ style headphones with no wires , they simply think COOL!!! And to a certain extent theyd be right, however the question should be what are you wirelessly connected to??
They assume of course the IPOD , dang, almost every person and his great Aunt Maureen have one. But wait , you dont have an every day run of the mill IPOD, you have the New Nokia N91!! Cool!!
So there you are , Wireless Headset connected to the Nokia N91 via Bluetooth and all is good with the world , the phone is tucked away in your bag , safe and snug.
But wait!! Aunt Maureen is calling me!!!! How do i know ?? Cause i can hear it on the my DJ style Wireless Headphones connected via Bluetooth!! Ill just tell her im busy, Awwwww feck! I cant , why?? Cause i can only listen!!
Now you have to rummage thru the bag in order to find the phones, answer it , maybe reply to a few text messages that you heard come in and once its been done return to the music.
So what am i getting at here??
Firstly , although it sounds like a really good idea , its not really convient for the type of device you are going to use. ( Nokia N91)
If it was an Ipod , sure no pbrs , you dont receive Calls or txt on an ipod yet, ( Iphone anyone??)
So the thing is that when you get these DJ style headphones its not going to be that cool if you find your self quickly looking for your phone halfway thru a track of Girls Aloud.

Ok so what can you do??
Firstly you need to understand what you really need , not what you think you need.

Know the specs
The Nokia N91 uses Bluetooth to communicate with a whole host of devices , the MAC machine being only but one , However , when going out to buy a WIFI device make sure it will work.
Look for something that has Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology v.1.2. , thats what the phones uses , so what ever you get make sure its the same or higher.

Now normaly most Bluetooth devices will all work , but I dont like to take to many chances when it comes to money on gadgets so id first have a look at Nokia , as there is a better chance that what ever devices they have should work with the Phone.
Try this the HS_12W, now according to the website it does not appear compatible with the Nokia N91 , but im willing to say that it will work. ( I wonder why Nokia hasnt given more thought to this)

For me at least i dont think they are completely practical , how would you answer a call?? In this case at least from what ive seen so far the pnly thing close to this is the Nokia HS_12W but until i hear that it or something similar , ( IE that will allow me to make calls as well as listen to music) then im gonna wait before i make the plunge.

In direct answer to your question, im willing to say that most Bluetooth headsets will work , just check the version of bluetooth and sure even give it a test run if you can in the store.

Id be interested if anyone else has experience in this , or have suggestions for Danny on this.



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7 responses to “Nokia N91: Question: Can Any Bluetooth Headphones work with Nokia N91?

  1. danny (the guy who emailed you)

    thanks for getting back so soon, i see your point but i’ll probably still end up getting them lol, whoever calls can wait, just so you know i’ve bookmarked your page for future reference as im 99% likely to get the n91 (unless a totally awesome phone comes out in the next few weeks -iphone? lol) thanks for replying

  2. macbuckley

    No Pbrs Danny, Im glad that you like the website , its good to see people who enjoy it.

  3. Bobby London

    Firstly its nice to see the website (I bought an N91 2 days ago.)

    I also bought some motorola bluetooth headphones (model HTS80 (?) i think). I saw some logitech ones but didn’t like the idea of plugging in another unit into the phone (making it more bulkier).

    The left side has volume switches and a button to answer/end calls. The right has previous/next buttons and a play/pause button. They let me make a call and end it once paired to the N91. But getting them to work with them music aspects of the phone is working out trickier.

    Any help/ideas out there?. Are they compatible with the N91?.

    Thanks and once again a really helpful site.


  4. macbuckley

    HI Bobby,
    Thanks for the Comment, id like to have a go at this one.
    Can you give me more details , what is the exact problem, what is the Model number etc…
    Also , are you refering to this model….HT820?? Thats a guess of course.
    If it is here is something that might be of use…
    let me know how it goes , send me an email if u can,

  5. Bobby London

    Thanks for the info MacB.

    I did look on the engadget website before.

    It is that head set (HT820).

    I think I may have solved my music-related issue. Music can be store in various locations on the N91. This morning I updated my music library so that my music is all (Hopefully) in the same place. I shall try later on today and let all you guys know.

    One down-side is that the battery seems to last about 24 hours when the phone is left on. I’m going to try cycling the battery and see the improvement.


  6. elloco

    If you have BT on (all the time) and WLAN set to search for WLAN connections, this consumes power.

    Of course so does listening to music, watching videos or making calls, I have left my phone on over three days (no calls no SMS no BT no WLAN) and when I picked it up it still had full bars.

    Another thing is to go to settings->phone settings and chose GSM only (if you are not using 3G), this prevents the phone from searching for 3G signals from time to time and conserves power.

    If you are like me and use the N91 to listen to some tracks, make some calls, check your email, browse the net and sned some SMS/MMS, then I agree that after 24hrs you have to recharge or face running out of power.

  7. shane

    hi all im new here but in answer 2 yr question the moto ht820 or any others infact will not work on n91 the music when played through h/phones plays in call mode eg-its not in stereo and volume low.i made mistake of buyin same well with samsung.but 1 error they made with bluetooth headphones is that if u go on underground train u lose signal on phone,but also it breaks connection with headphones then so u cant listen 2 yr stickin with wires now

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