Nokia N91: Question: Transfer Music and how long the Battery lasts.

Another Email in today, this time from Jit who has 2 questions……..


Hi,Just looking forward to my N91 coming next week!!  Got a couple of questions for you.

1)  To move my music from PC to listen on the N91 do I need to install Nokia's software?  I know you can attach the phone via USB and the PC will see it as external drive and you can move music to it but I wasn't sure if the music will then play on the N91.
2)  How long does the battery last day to day?  I was thinking about getting a BL-6C to use as a spare.  Apparently they last longer than the BL-5C which you get with the phone though I don't know that much about them.

That's all for now, might send you some more later.  Keep up the good work on the blog, I check it everyday!



Well Jit, Here are my replies.

1, This Blog is about MAC- N91  So useing a PC isnt really the topic here, However ill answer the question as far as i know teh answer. To my knowledge you need any software , all you need to do is to connect the Phone to the PC and yes it will see the N91 as an external harddrive. Then all u have to do is copy over ( remember it only has 4GB of space) the amout of music you want in to the MyMusic folder. Then when you access the Music Player it will ask to refresh and you music should turn up.

2, This is a good question and one ive touched on before and ill say it here again.
When you get the new Phone, do a recycle of the battery at LEAST 3 times or more, this will extend the battery life alot, I know because ive done it myself.
I havnt had any issus with the battery BUT it really comes down to how much you use it in your day to day life.
For me , I'll listen to it , ( Radio/Mp3's) while on the bus, the trip is only about 15 mins max, thne while in work ill transfer all my music to the PC where i can listen to it all day untill i finish work and then get the bus back , again 15-20mins max.

It might be worth noteing that youve got to be smart in how you use it, You will notice that ive copy over what ever i have in the phone to the pc and listen to it there, now as im sure you can understand , this will save on battery power ( Why Listen to my music on a device thats dependent on battery power when  the PC does the same job and im not traveling??)
Now I dont work on weekends ( Does Days are over for me) so in this case id use the music more while traveling around Dublin, Radio, Mp3's , check my mail via Wifi , all in the lovely city of Dublin. Battery does last and also might be worth noteing that I do a Charge every nite anyway, i see no reason not to.

So in short , the batter MUST be recycled ( as most batterys these days need to) in order to get a good service from it. So be sure to do this.
I also suggest useing the phone as normal , im sure like me youll play with the phone for the first couple of Days / weeks but when you get use to it and after while in normal use you should see how good the phones battery is for you, in the end it really depends on how you are useing it. Im sure other readers may have a diffrent experience.

Also BE VERY CAREFULL when putting in other batterys in to the phone, ive seen it written NO WHERE that it is fully compatiable, i use to work in eletronics and no full well what happens when you start mixing non standard componets together, and its not covered in your warrenty as far as i know.

Hope this was usefull to you!!



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One response to “Nokia N91: Question: Transfer Music and how long the Battery lasts.

  1. elloco

    I agree with MAC, it’s very important that you use the right battery.

    On another note there are a couple of recomendations for Music transfer. I know this is N91 and MAC, but in the PC the best way is to use USB file tranfer (otherwise known as USB MAss Sotrage). Just note that Windows does some funky stuff when you move applications from the foreground to the background.

    When tranfering files the best performance is attained when the transfer window is the top application in the desktop. In other words if you start a file transfer then you open the browser in the PC and start doing other stuff the transfer will be slower.

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