Nokia N91: Question:How to Use personal Ringtones on the N91.

A another Email this time from Jon Ajise ,with what i have to say is a Great Question to which im sure many have asked.



Great N91 website. It really helped me choose the N91 over the N80.
I have a question about the N91 perhaps you can help.

On nokia's you can normally change your ringtones to one you have saved in the gallery. I'm trying to change my txt tone but when I do I'm only offered the preinstalled ones. I have sent the desired txt tone to the N91 from my Samsung SGH D720. But when i save it the phone puts it in the MY MUSIC folder becuases it's an mp3 sample. When you edit profiles it doesnt appear to look in the MY MUSIC folder and the same appears to happen when you try to set individual ringtongtones for contacts. It only offers pre installed ringtones.

Am I missing something or has the 3rd edition of series 60 taken a stepbackwards?
Your thoughts and advise would be grately appreciated.


Jon Ajise


Well Jon, let me first say that this is an excellent question and something im glad to try and answer, as always I welcome any and all comments on this post as well.

Ok Let me begin , The first thing everyone has to remember about this phone is its main feature, its 4gb Harddrive, but also its Phone memory, of 32 mb. Sounds simple but alot of questions can be answered by keeping this info in Mind.

Nokia decided that the N91 also needed a 32mb flash memory to help support the phones fuctions , keep in mind that the Flash memory will always be that much faster then the4gb harddrive that the phone comes with.

Now the trick with solveing most of these problems , ie ringtones, pics , etc… is to simply find a folder that is the same as the one in the Harddrive and move it over and it should be solved. Im going to try and answer your question about the Personal txt tone here with screenshots, ill try and make it as clear as possible but if you still not sure let me know.

Ok Like you I like to use my own tones , mostly for the txt Message tone, I use the "There is a Message for you" wav from the 2001:A Space Oddesy, it the one with HAL . Great Movie. So i thought it would be nice to hear a voice that i have a Message.

So i first converted the wav in to Mp3 and for this example i renamed it "Text tone.mp3"  

I then sent it from my MAC via Bluetooth, maybe this is howw you did it??  Either way it still reaches the phone.

Now, when i open it it will play the file , if you do the next bit.

It will say saved to "Music Libary", BUT  it doesnt really as you will soon see. ( Im thinking this is anohter bug agree?)


In the "File Manager" you would go to the Music libary (Harddrive) and try and find it , I dont think you will find it there , least i never do anyway. So Instead I looked in the"Attachments" Folder.
REMEMBER, When it saves a sound file from a Message received on the phone it will most likely be in this folder so always have a peek here first.

And there it is, look at the top and you will see that im in the Hardrive , in the Attachements folder, NOT as it would lead you to belive in the Music Libary, ( So is this a Bug then?? Can anyone try this and see if they get the same?? thanks)

Ok , Now this is what i was talking about in useing the Phones Memory, all we need to do in order for the tone to be seen is to move it to the phones memory, the reason??  I guess because , when you get a message or a call it would have to start up the hard drive and start looking for the tone , but if its in the Flash Memory then it is quicker to access it there so this is why they place these tones here so the phones gets them faster. Hope that makes sence?


Remember , we are moving it to the Phones Memory for faster access by the OS.

Place it in this folder, "Sound Clips"

Then "Tones" folder , it makes sence to place it here.

OK , So now you can see that ive moved the "Text Tone.mp3" to the "Tones" Folder in the Phones memory.

Now on to personlise the Message tone with what WE want.Im sure you know how to do this bit.

Select the "Message Alert tone" section .


Its alphbetical so be sure to look everywhere for yours.


And there you go its all set!! Woo HOO!!

So what have we learned??

In order to use your own tones be sure to copy to the Phones memory.

When it says it has saved a sound file to the Music libary , and you cant find it , be sure to have a look in the Attchments folder just in case.

I hope this is of use to you guys , and many thanks to Jon on his excellent question.




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27 responses to “Nokia N91: Question:How to Use personal Ringtones on the N91.

  1. Wadi

    For me, I put the personal contact ringtones in the hard drive memory at folder sound clips. It worked. The bad thing is that u use the hardrive which mean slow response? well i dunno.

  2. macbuckley

    Thats exactly the point of useing the Flash memory because the phone can access it faster. No point in a phone call coming in and the phone wasteing time trying to spin up the HD just to play the ring tone.

  3. Jon Ajise

    Wow thanks that was a really quick reply on your website. Sameday! Yes your right the files turn up in the my attatchments folder. It would appear to be
    a minor bug. Thanks for you help as the manual makes no mention of this. I now have a personalised sms tone again. Much appreciated.

  4. Bill

    drive spinup time is something that cannot be fixed. It is hardware limitation. There is no drive in the world that spins up faster then 1.5-2 sec as far as I know. However it is a penalty for storing ringtones on the HDD and may be for some other applications. Drive cannot be left to spin all the time – battery would last very short time πŸ™‚

  5. lizz

    hello mac. i didn’t want to bother you with an email (especially after your last blog) so i hope this message still gets to you. i primarily get music onto my player with a USB connection and not bluetooth so i’m having trouble trying to figure out how to pull ringtones for contacts from my mp3s. if you have any advice i would appreciate it. i will probably call nokia sometime soon because i feel totally lost. thanks!

  6. macbuckley

    Hi Lizz, Its cool, your Emails have been fine , if not you would know about it.
    Id like to help but need more info.
    Send me an email with some more detail, what do you mean by”Pull Ringtones for contacts from my Mp3’s?”
    Ill take a stab now though as as a guess.
    If you mean add a Ringtone that is in your Mp3 collection that is on on the phone now and add that to a specfic contact?
    Well from what ive seen its not really possible, the best you can do in that is select a mp3 , mark it as a Ringtone, and it will be used for all call that you receive. As far as I can see there is no way to make a mp3 ringtone for each contact specfic.
    Unless someone else has found a way??

    So Lizz, relax , the last post was about people who ask silly questions, just follow the guidelines and things are cool.
    Also thanks for your continued support.

  7. Rakesh

    Hey Mac,
    “Thats exactly the point of useing the Flash memory because the phone can access it faster. No point in a phone call coming in and the phone wasteing time trying to spin up the HD just to play the ring tone.”
    Good point.
    You can put it in the sounds folder on the phone memory too if u dont want to put it on the HD. Just drag and drop when your machine and N91 are hooked up.

  8. Hi Mac,

    This information was absolutely brilliant! I was trying access the music files and was taking ages to figure out that I needed to move the file to a different folder. If I hadnt read your info I’d have never found the sound clips that I bluetoothed saved in the attachments folder!


  9. Danwar

    I know the answer to your question, it’s just like making a file work for text messages. Copy the file to the flash memory -> Sound clips -> Tones, then it will be available for selection in the standard ringtones folder. The problem is if the files are normal mp3 song size you will have to edit them and make them shorter if you want more than like 3 or so.

    I also have a question on my own:
    I have some .avi video files on my PC that I’d like to be able to play on my N91. I first converted them to .3gp and then sent them to my phone. I was then able to play the file, but it froze for a moment like once a second. You can still watch the fiels, but it would be much better if they played as nicely as the video files included in the phone.
    I don’t belive moving them to the flash memory will solve this problem, but I’ll try that now anyways. It would really mean a lot of trouble if this worked and was the only way though, since the flash memory is so small.


  10. iqranaveen

    Hiya Lizz,
    I agree with Mac, in answer to ur question. I also cudn’t find any way to assign a separate tone to every contact in my phonebook. And as far as i know, no nokia phone ever offered this feature. Unless, due to my feeble knowledge, it’s not true :redface:

    Well the solution i have for assigning a separate tone to each contact, is that put them in groups, n then assign a tone to that group. this feature was available even in my old 3100. u cud assign a separate tone to each group u had. but in nokia n91, as i found out, u can create as many groups u like. so u’d be able to assign a different tone to a particular contact, so that u wont hear the default one when they call.

    its kinda silly solution, if i want to assign a different tone to each n every of my 100 contacts or so……as then i’ll have to make 100 or so groups for them, but it’s sufficiently convenient, when it comes to ur personal contacts only, for example some family members, or some close friends n so on. u dont go assigning a different tone to ur bussiness contacts anyways πŸ˜†

    well it works for me, if u find conveniet, it can work for u as well.

    n thx for the solution of that SoundClip folder Wadi. though now i come to think of it, it WAS really silly of me to put my tones in any other folder, when the path CLEARLY indicates, that the phone WILL look for tones in the tones folder itself πŸ˜† silly me really….

    Well n i found another teeny annoyance with my phone. It gets stuck every now n then, first i thought it always got stuck when i had connected it via USB to my pc, but now it’s doint that even when im writing a text msg, causing me to lost my 2 pages msg =(
    when it’s stuck, it duznt let me do ANYTHING, NO button, n i mean NO button can revive it or to force it to work again, even the power button. i just have to detach the battery in the end, so it’ll be closed, n then put it back again, to switch my mobile on. n i KNOW that’s hazardous to the hard drive. but what possibly can i do =(
    is this normal with a phone containing a 4GB hdd, or is it just my cell malfunctioning??
    any help in this matter wud be greatly appreciated, as i dont dont dont want my hdd to evaporate all my data at any cost =( well i have my backup stored, but still it IS an annoyance, sure u’ll agree.
    once again, thx a million, i was really needing a solution to the problem of tones.

  11. iqranaveen

    well i cant believe it :redface:
    believe me, i looked for it everywhere,,,,,,n i cudn’t find it……assigning a separate ringtone to each contact……….

    n now here it is……as it ever was :redface: i dunno how in the name of blazes i cud’ve skipped it before……….

    Menu > Contacts > Options > Open > Options > Ringing Tone

    from here u can assign any ringtone that’s in ur Tones folder, either personal, or default, to any of ur contacts…….

    i still cant figure out where was it when i was searching for it frantically everywhere, n now i found it so easily………..i checked it with another S60 series phone (N72), n its the same option there as well………phew! i think i was looking in the wrong place that day, or this option was on holiday for a short while………oops bad joke!

    well here u go lizz, n mac u also…….well but still, wud u check it with UR n91 n confirm that im not sleeping right now, lolz.

    CheeRz everyone!

    PS: still havent solved my-phone-getting-stuck-every-now-and-then problem =(

  12. Wicked!Fricked!

    Hey there Lizz. Today I was trying the same thing. Trying to give some of my contacts their own .mp3 song as ringtone. And guess what. One time I did. In the option menu while in Mediaplayer-mode it said: “Ad dsong to contact”. So that’s what I did.

    But then I wanted to do the same thing for another contact and the option was gone! I tried and tried, but still can’t figure out how I did it. When I was checking out my contact and her ringtone I could see the .mp3 filed assigned as ringtone. But then stupidly I trie to do it again and now it’s gone again.

    It is possible. I’ve seen it with my own eyes! So I really hope someone will give us the answer we want.



  13. Hi lads.

    I know the way to do it, and yes, it’s a little twisted. It’s either a bug, or a design failure.
    Anyway. Just go to Menu>Multimedia>Gallery>Tracks> and there, pick the track you want (they won’t be named the way you expect, probably, but you can search, yet it will be slow) and in the options menu you get the “assign to contact” option =).

    Mind you this is a direct translation from spanish menus.

    Happy N91-ing!.


  14. Wicked!Fricked!

    Thnx Anselmo, you’re solution works. Last night I found another way to do it. When in ‘mass storage mode’ you have to drag and drop the mp3 to the folder /Sounds/Simple. This way the mp3 file will be displayed in the tones folder when you want to set a ringtone for a contact from the contacts menu. The mp3 file will also be shown as a song in the mediaplayer.

    It is not the most convenient way, but it works.

    This is actually the first real flaw I can mention about N91. I love the rest

    C Ya

  15. zairo

    wow! tnx for the help. now i have a personalized ringtone again. haha. how did u know how to solve it btw? tnx again

  16. bettny

    hey, ive had my nokia N91 for about 4days now i couldnt for the life of me work out how to set a contact there own ringtone thats is untill i read this and it was all made clear thank you! i do have a question-
    my main computer is a laptop and it seems a crap one because i cant download the nokia software that allows you to make songs smaller ex ex(the laptop doesnt have enough memory) i dont no if this is y im having some difficulty taking pictures from my laptop (that were taken with a digital camera) and using the USB cable to transfer them to my N91 (i hope that made sense, its alot easier to say lol) anyway I just wondered if this was posible?
    im using the windows media player to try to do this, ive also tried to use realplayer and fixpix my digital cam software nothings worked!
    while im writtin an essay another question-
    can i put a video onto the phone ive resorted to useing the video recorder to record a whole episode of south park onto the phone (now my arm hurts lol)

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  25. venkat

    thanks a lot…

  26. Gagandeep

    uhmm i have no clue whatsoever of how to make a tone a ringtone like im totaly lost here:S

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