Nokia N91: Problem, Unable to send SMS via the N91

Another Email, this time from Rapheal……



Thank you very much for your web site, it has been very helpful so far,
now I can have my Entourage calendar, task and address book in the N91!
I really enjoy my N91 but I can't send SMS… I am in Dublin like you
and with Vodafone. I check the SMSC number and it seems fine (+35387699989).
I tried my card in another phone, I can send SMS, I tried another
Vodafone sim card in the N91, still can't send SMS.
MMS works fine… and I can receive SMS…
Would you have any idea?
I think it could be a firmware issue but I can't believe Nokia will
release (after 1 year delay) a phone with a bug like that… I've read
also that upgrading the sim might help…

Thanks in advance for your opinion and keep up the good work.

I have attached a logo for iSync with the Silver N91, just because I am
fussy..! πŸ™‚



Well Raphael, thanks for the Sliver N91 icon, ill keep it for same keeping and if anyone wants it just let me know and ill send it on.

Now the question, this is tough as it really could be anything , Given this info to work on

"I tried my card in another phone, I can send SMS, I tried another
Vodafone sim card in the N91, still can't send SMS.
MMS works fine… and I can receive SMS…"

so in light of this here is what i suggest in order of task.

1, reset the whole phone, i mean completely, start of fresh.

2, Now we need the correct settings, go to the Nokia Support site and download the MMS/SMS etc…etc…. settings to your phone and save them. here is the link.

3, Once downloaded try again in sending an SMS see what Happens.

Another Try,

1, This might be worth a shot, years ago i bought an updated phone that had all the bells and whistles that comes with it , but for some reason my i wasnt able to use some of the functions of the phone. I went to the Vodafone store and they told me that the SIM card needed to be updated in order to use the phone.
Apparently the SIM card was old , and once they up graded the SIM card ( Keeping my Old Number) free of charge it then worked.
Now i know that your sim card worked in another phone but the other phone could be old and would work anyway. I suggest going to a Vodafone store and asking if the sim card needs to be updated. Worth a Shot.

Another try

1, Here are the settings that I have…..

Follow the steps to go in to the Settings of Messaging.

Select text Messageing

Go in to Message centre to see if u have the same as me?

Here is what i have , the same as you i figure.

Now scroll down the rest and make sure they are the same……

The thing to notice here is the Preferred connection, is it the same as yours??

Anyway, try this see who you get on , please be sure to post your reply to the Post and not email me the reply, other readers may be able to help you better.




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12 responses to “Nokia N91: Problem, Unable to send SMS via the N91

  1. pappy

    Just wondering if you have your SMS messages set to the HDD or the Phone memory?. Also did it ever work? If so and if you saved it to the phone messages to the phone memory it could be full an dthen sms chokes?


  2. elloco

    If you set the messages to the HDD then you can’t use USB File transfer, so I would not recommend it.

    Also some SMSC don’t work with the extended set (character support) so you might want to change the setting. You can slo try to use the “Reply via same Center” to force the message through the SMSC that sends the messages (since you say you can receive SMS just cannot send)

  3. Raphael

    Hi, I got it sorted. It was a problem with my old sim card. I got a new one from a Vodafone shop for free.
    The guy was a bit rude… you can’t use this phone on our network.. but I am… well you can’t send MMS… but I am… well… and he gave me the new sim, not impressed!

  4. arman shakiba

    i’m iranian user(nokai n91)
    my phone is not work good and it doesn’t turn on.
    when i pick up the battry cover n91 is turning on and say system eror!
    plz help me!
    i can’t say my phone problem in english language very well sorry!

  5. Mangaliso

    N91 PHONE . Unable to receive sms message. Message reads that memory full whereas there are no messages . Please help

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  8. zainab

    hey i have a problem…i hv been trying to send severel msgs bt nt able 2 send
    from my N-72 handset.
    whenever i try …..a msg displays-
    “unable to send message to____”(name of the contact whom i m trying to send that particular message.
    plz help!!!

  9. Anonymous

    finally !! i had the same problem with my new cellphone E66, everytime i tried to send a text it shows “unable to send message”. i kept thinking that there was something wrong with the phone bec i used my SIM card on another phone and it worked and i was sure there was nothing wrong the message center name and number. i looked everywhere for a solution for too long and it turned out that my SIM card was too old too, never occured to me once to use someone else’s SIM card in my stupid πŸ™‚ !! thanks for the advice πŸ˜€

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