Nokia N91: Tip, Finding Free Wifi Hotspots with your N91.

Hi ,

Just saw this on Lifehacker and had to give it a post here.

For me Free is always good so for our American readers this site might be very usefull for you.

Here is a simple diagram of how it works.

Its really simple to use as you can see above, being in Ireland i cant test it so would be interested if someone in the US can give it ago and see how they find it?

For those of us in europe.

Try this link.

Im a beliver in free internet for all, be it wired or Wireless, here in Ireland we have Eircom and Bitbuzz ripping off people who know nothing better and get charged crazy prices simply so they can check their email or look something up.

I belive that if you had a cafe with free Wifi it would do a lot better then one with payed wifi, why? Cause its simple , people dont want the hassle of subscribeing to over charged services, and why would they if they can get it for free in a cafe down the road.

Anyone ever see this happen? Where one place does better then the other because it offers free wifi??




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2 responses to “Nokia N91: Tip, Finding Free Wifi Hotspots with your N91.

  1. hemal

    hy there.i just got my n91 and i went to a wifi hot spot.i find the network(which is a free one), but when im connected it says active-inactive all the time. why isnt it working?

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