Nokia N91: Usefull App Internet Radio S60

Im hopeing over the next few days to give my view on several Nokia N91 Apps that I belive are well worth having.
Granted, there arent many but I know there will be more and more.
Im really only interested in Freeware apps to be honest , i dont use the phone mainstream enough for me to buy software for it .

First up is the Open Source Internet Radio.

Now perhaps like me you get bored of your own music and like to listen to the radio for something diffrent . Thats ok , the Nokia N91 can help in this case with this app.

To give an example , say your in the local pub, ( there are plenty in Dublin ;-)) and it has a free WIFI hotspot for you to use.
So after checking your email and maybe reading the news on Google News, youd like to listen to some of the Internet Radio stations that are about. Heres How……..

First install.

Go to this link,

Its important that you install both SIS files , Shoutcast Engine and the Internet Radio Client itsself. If you only install the Internet radio client you will only be able to play local files, and there is no point in that as the phone can do that anyway.

Once installed we shall begin and here is how.

Once installed you will find the App in the "My Own" folder.

Once open , you shud see this screen, and here is where the fun begins.

Simply put the Internet radio has 2 modes, Play files that are on the phone, mp3 and AAC, and then the Radio .Clicking on Options on teh Left hand side will bring this up.

Selecting teh Stations option will give you a list of the Stations, this list is taken from a default file that comes with the install ,its an example playlist (shoutcast.pls) that is installed in the \Shoutcast directory of the installation drive.

To create your own playlist, you can use Winamp (or another similar program) to import and modify the default playlist, or to create your own playlists of Shoutcast radio stations. Export the playlist to a .pls file, and copy one or more playlists to the Shoutcast directory. When you open the application, the stations in all playlists will be available for selection.

When you select the sataion make sure you are useing the WIFI connection , im sure you dont want to be paying for GPRS packets for this thing. It will ask you what connection to use so all you need do is point it to the correct Access point.

And here we are , ( I love the 80's) the sound is decent and if playing from the single speakerphone on the side of the phone what more would you expect?? For me this is what Internet Radio is about and in a way MUCH better the the Visual Radio that Nokia is trying to push out. This is Visual Radio Nokia!!!

Ok , looks and sounds good but what issues have i discovered??

Sometimes it wont connect to a station ,because the station cannot accept any more connections at the moment. How true this is im not so sure, but in the end its better then nothing.

Also you may get this below……..

This happens to a certain degree, and only lasts a few secs, it can be annoying but it really depends on what you are listening to.. I suspect that if you free up some FLASH ram it might improve but ill leave that to some one to find out.

So there you have it , Id like to see other apps that do the same thing , and if you know of any do let me know here and ill be sure to give it a try. Hope this post was usefull!!




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2 responses to “Nokia N91: Usefull App Internet Radio S60

  1. Anonymous

    You get the “Buffering…” because of slow network connection.
    The “Buf: XX” shows how much your data buffer is filled. When it gets to zero, you get a rebuffering.
    The “Link: Y/Z” shows the available link bitrate. Y is the average bitrate, Z is the instantaneous bitrate.

  2. Brett

    Ok, mine rebuffers *all* the time, on the same network, the same radio feed streams fine to my laptop/itunes?

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