Nokia N91: Question, What is the SMS and Dialing like?

Received an Email from BIll Mac ( No relation to me , Promise!) Wondering about the phone functions only.


I am looking to get the N91 but was wondered what it was like as a phone not
a music player.
Is it easy to txt with and dial etc as the keypad looks rather small from
the display models i have looked at.
I have not found a shop with an actual phone in stock yet so cannot really
get a feel for it with the display models.

Bill Mac


Well Bill, that is a good question, mostly because people are all talking about the advanced features of the phone and havnt really looked at what the main function is like.

Firstly this is my experience others may have diffrent views and i welcome comments from them on this.

First thing i think id like to point out is my Firmware version….. if you have been keeping up with the blog you will have noticed that there are some bugs in the os.
Nokia have promised to give a free upgrade, i suspect that this will be in June/July.

Ok on to the Phone functions…..

I think its important to remember what it is that i was useing untill i switched to the Nokia N91.

As you can see the buttons are larger then the N91 and so for me to start useing something smaller i thought was going to be an issue, but amazingly it wasnt that bad.
Now im gonna say ive got average sized hands and ive no issues with pressing the buttons of the N91 , ie the keypad i mean.
But the issue i did have was when writeing a txt message, this took a bit of getting use to.
Firstly i use T9 predictive texting, this works to some degree , but i dont think its as good as the K750i, but i am getting use to it. Let just say there is a Learning curve to useing the texting function, but you will get use to it as i have done. But if you have BIG thumbs then id say move on.

Dialing, now again thats kinda dependent on the Keypad , and again there is a learning curve , how ever i have noticed that if i select a contact in the contacts section and click on the number to dial the number it doesnt work.
This has happend to me a few times but give it time it does work eventualy, id say this is another bug in the os and if you can help it , wait untill there has been a firmware update and  see who things are then.
Im certainly going to get it when it is released and will of course report here my own findings.

One thing i might mention is that the phone is a littke bulky, in the end , your view on the phone will be half decieded on what you had prevous. But bear in mind that this phone is unlike most that are out there.
To give a simple example , A mate in here had 3 movies downloaded on to his machine, in total the size was about 3 gb. I wanted the movies, so i just pluged in my phone and downloaded them right in there for later viewing back home when im not in work.
I dont know about you , but having 4gb of Memory on hand with out any extra hardware is very handy!!!

If you do get it , let us know how you get on with it.

Macbuckley ( No relation) 


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