Nokia N91: Questions, Joystick Shortcut and no vibrate?

Hi All ,
Anohter email this time from Dipesh…….

I got my N91 the other day and love it! Got a few questions though.

1) Is is possible to change it so when you press the little joystick in the middle it goes to the main menu? I can get it to go to other options but I can't set it to go the main menu. I don't think I can anyway.

2) Also, I've got it set to vibrate but it doesn't seem to. Think I may need to take it in to a Nokia service centre?

Enjoy reading the blog, keep up the good work.

Well D, Ill try and answer these.

1, If you simply want to be able to enable a central push of the Joystick to bring you to the Apps Menu then im afraid thats not possible. The reason being that Nokia already has a predefined button , ie the Application Button on the top right hand side of the phone.Good idea though!

2,Vibrate does not work??  HMmm  Ill need some more info on that.

A, Does it not work AT all??  Ie even with the default tones being used?

B, What happens when its in Silent and someone calls??

Here is something to help you maybe….

Q: Why does vibra not work if I have a song set as a ringing tone?

A: If you select songs from the hard drive to be used as ringing tones, they may not work with vibra. For optimal performance, store the ringing tones in the device memory.

Let us know here in the comments section it goes.




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4 responses to “Nokia N91: Questions, Joystick Shortcut and no vibrate?

  1. Hey there, I’ve had this problem as well and the only way I can get the Vibrate to work is to turn the phone off and on again. 😦

  2. Dipesh

    Yeah, this is the only way I solved this too. Also had problems with the ringtone. My mp3 (from the HD) will play but then suddenly it will revert to a ringtone from the phone’s memory. Again this was resolved with restart of the phone.

  3. Bill

    Ok, IF ringtone is MP3 stored on HDD there is a delay(depends on how big the song is) util song is cached before it starts to vibrate – it is done intentionaly to protect the drive – you cannot vibrate and access drive at the same time. Skipping to default tone – well, I suggest to connect over USB (file transfer mode) and run checkdisk…

  4. Bill

    In addition – once the song is cached next incoming call vibration should not have the delay if you didn’t do any heavy hdd activity.

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