Nokia N91 : Question, Free FTP Program for the N91?

Daniel has sent me in this Email with a Question…


after reading a lot about the N91(mainly here) I finally ordered one! Now for the question: Is there any good (free) ftp-program for the N91?

Best regards

Ive looked around Daniel and i certainly dont find any around , althought im not so sure why youd want one??
Granted the phone has 4gb to hold stuff , but surely if you are going to be connecting to the internet via the WIFI connection with the phone then you might as well use your own laptop??
Id be interested in the application of such a program , and its use with the phone so drop by and leave a comment.


Ok Mate, Ive just had an Idea for you…..

Your looking to download Music over Wifi with your phone? Ok Try this….


Ive been playing with this app for a bit and i have to say that its been working well , how ever , the only sticking points are this.

A,It only really works if you are in the same local network , for example , if you have the phone and your computer connected to the same router then the router can allow you access to your music if both devices work thru the router.

Ive read that it can work over the internet but you need to make your site open to the internet , this may be a security issue for some.

B, I can connect to the Interface ok but for some reason the OS wont recognise the RSS feed presented , untill i figure a way around this im afraid im stuck. if someone else knows of a RSS feed reader for the N91 id like to know then i can fully test this app out.




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3 responses to “Nokia N91 : Question, Free FTP Program for the N91?

  1. Daniel

    The reason I want an ftp-client is to be able to download music from my computer over WiFi. I have read in some reviews that you cannot receive phonecalls while the phone is attached to the computer via USB? But regardless of that it would be cool to be able to transfer music over WiFi.

  2. I have been wondering a simular thing, why would nokia give us wifi on the n91 without fully utilising the ability to transfer files over wifi?

    I would love for my phone to be able to sync or somthing without using cords or a slower bluetooth connection.

    There would be so many cool aplications, and much better than bluetooth

  3. namnansuren

    hi my name is namnansuren

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