Nokia N91 : Question, Useing the Line in Function on the Phone.

I received an Email from Magnus of Sweden .


Hi !

Could you please tell me how to use the supposed "line in" function on the N91.
Before  I bought the phone I really checked out the features, and it
said on every dealers websites and even on nokias own site that the
recording features was included along with the option to record from
the internal FM-radio.
I have trided to get an answer from Nokia, but no one seems to no how
to exiqute a proper recording on the device.
Thank you for your great info on the Nokia N91 !
"I have not yet tried out my own N91 because its on its first battery
charge …don´t wont to interrupt before it´s fully charged for the
first time" (Battery lifespan..)
This function is one of my major reason to get the N91 instead of some
other device.
Thank´s in advance !!

Regards / Magnus              Stockholm SWEDEN


Well Magnus , ive checked my phone and i dont see any line in option, ive checked the Nokia site as well and see no ref for it.
Can you post a comment here with links to this function they described??  as id be interested in it as well.
All i can find that may come close is the Voice recorder but im sure thats not what you were refering to??

Might be no harm in getting a Mic from somewhere an pluging it in to the phone and see what happens , i dont have one here myself other wise id have tested it.
Also have a look at this link, im sure there are some software/ apps that may be able to do this for you.
Symbian Freeware software

The line out on the other hand certainly does work , it can be plugged in to any system that has speakers and this of course is very usefull!  

Either way im sure that if it is possible to use the line in function then someone must know, so i give this to the readers, are you able to find the line in function??  Cause icertainly cant find it.



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One response to “Nokia N91 : Question, Useing the Line in Function on the Phone.

  1. elloco

    There is no recording application or otherwise any way to record audio other than using the voice recording wich is in Mono.

    More important, I’m curious as to why you would need to record directly on your N91?, where you planning to use N91 to record voice or stereo audio?

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