Nokia N91: Out Of Memory Error when accessing .MAC mail.

I got a mail in from Paul with an interesting issue…


love the site by the way,
just got an N91 & have been playing around all day. have got the phone working with iSync & pretty much everything else.
My problem is that when I connect to .mac mail I get an out of memory message & a crash on the phone ?. I've deleted most of my mails & seem to have a problem sending mail as well, any ideas ?
This phone is truly unbelievable I can't believe how fabulous it is. Work bought me the plantronics pulsar headphones for my birthday & those with the N91 are a killer combination … will the promised firmware update fix my woes ?




Well Paul this is a problem, but i think we need to check a few things first……

1, Out of memory would suggest that you MAY be useing the phone memory rather then the harddrive, can you check this??

2, have you added any new elements to the phone , more to the point in the messageing section, new folders etc..etc….

3,Be sure to set up an account that uses your .Mac member name for the account name, your .Mac password for the mail password, for the POP or IMAP server, and your ISP's SMTP server for the outgoing mail server., also you can use instead .

4, If all else fails , backup everything you have to the PC/MAC do a clean wipe and start of again, re add the setting for the .MAC and see how far it goes before it crashes , so take note of the steps you make , its a slow process but may well work.

When i get a chance, ill have a go myself and see what happens, it may be worth mentioning also that it could well be a OS bug and if so just have to wait untill the next net release of the Firmware in June.

let me know how it goes and when i get results on my end i will up date this post.
Also if anyone else has a .MAC account , can you access your mail??





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3 responses to “Nokia N91: Out Of Memory Error when accessing .MAC mail.

  1. paul

    Hi Mac,
    Did what you suggested & formatted the drive. Mac mail now works perfectly but the mass storage now crashes the finder if I try & copy more than one file at a time. AAAHH ! I’m giong to the Nokia store on Regent Street tomorrow to see if they can update my firmware … Love this phoen, just can’t wait to sort the glitches …

    Thanks for your help so far !


  2. Scylla

    I have a strange error on my Nokia N91 device. It gives me error ‘Out of memory delete some data first’ every now & then. I’ve formatted my hard drive several times, phone memory is also perfect infact I’ve got NOTHING in my cell. It is slow in messaging either. I am hell worried.. 😦 Help me please.

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