Nokia N91: Question, Can the N91 be used as a mp3 player in the car?

PatriQ, sent me in this email recently………..



Keep up the good work!

I have a question about this nokia n91. I would like to buy a handsfree
carkit of nokia and proberly use bluetooth. Very nice and handy. Nokia N91
is also a MP3 player but is it possible to use the nokia N91 as a Mp3 player
in your car instead of the normal radio??? So can I hear my nokia with the
music on the speakers of my car?

Is it any way possible to realise this?? What are my options?



Well PatriQ, firstly thank you for your email.

I dont own a car but simply from useing the phone myself im very confident that it will play within the car.

Why? Well lets say you go cheap, dont buy anything like a bluetooth car kit , but only a Mobile holder and a Stereo line in for your speakers.

When you receive a call the phone will pause the song that is playing and allow you to receive the call. once completed, ie someone hangs up then the phone will continue with the song its self. Simple.

Now if you want you can buy your self a Bluetooth car kit and of course check with the shop owner to see if it can be installed in your car.

Useing bluetooth you should still be able to listen to your mp3s,  if you recall in a prevous post a reader purchased some bluetooth headphones and they worked fine for him.

IM sure other readers with Cars can give more advice and id gladly like to hear from them , but in the end as long as you buy from a Nokia dealer adn the car set is compatiable with the Nokia N91 i see no reason why it wouldnt be possible.


Now , there is something that id like to draw your attention on when you are getting your bluetooth car kit.

Does the Nokia N91 device support Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)?

A: No,

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) also referred to as the AV profile, it is designed to transfer a stereo audio stream like music from an MP3 player to a headset or car radio.

So when your getting your car kit make SURE that it will work first!




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2 responses to “Nokia N91: Question, Can the N91 be used as a mp3 player in the car?

  1. elloco

    If your car stereo doesn’t have a line-in (3.5 mm or RCA) then you can buy a cheap cassette adapter to hook up the N91 to your car stereo.

    Just keep in mind that the cassette adapter will introduce some noise (hiss) to the audio and may not sound as good.

  2. Bill

    Buy FM transmitter (I use iRock) and that’s it. You get music AND handsfree car kit. Cool. Just set to pick up the phone automatically in tools->settings->accessories->headset->automatic answer ON

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