Nokia N91: Tip, Scroll Fast in all Views and menu’s.

Vlad has just sent me in an interesting email with an interesting quirk.


Here is another tip. There is a bug, that I actually don't want to be fixed.
As I mentioned earlier – there is a "turbo" mode for music scrolling in all
songs view. IF you r doing fast scrolling and then press "back" twice – you
will be able to scroll fast in all other views on the phone. It feals much
more nimble and responsive.



 Many Thanks for this Vlad, and i can confirm that this does indeed work and very well too!



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One response to “Nokia N91: Tip, Scroll Fast in all Views and menu’s.

  1. Mike Igunibik

    That’s actually not a bug – that’s the design. It’s so you can scroll fast through long lists in the music player. It works in all views of the music application (Songs, artists, albums, playlists, etc.) but only the music player. It also works in both directions – scrolling up and down.

    It works like this:

    To scroll down, hold the joystick down – wait until the scrolling kicks in
    While scrolling, let the joystick go and quickly pull it down again – this enables turbo mode.
    If you want turbo mode off let the joystick go for a second or change direction

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