Nokia N91:How Many Mp3’s can you fit on?

Another Email , this time from Fellow irishman Colm……….


Hi Mac,In relation to the Nokia N91, what MP3 sound quality is the best for
to and playing back through the headphones or speakers. Reading from
your site
I'd say 192kbps, and if this is the case how many mp3's could you
store on the N91
at 192kbps.

Kind Regards


This is something ive been meaning to post about for a while now as hits on a few elements.

When Nokia first released info on the phone one of the points it liked to shout about was that it would hold 3000 songs on the phone.

This can be seen in the press release here

But to Quote"Storage for up to 3000 songs, plus smartphone functionality in an ultra-portable package"

OK , now im sure like a lot of people i was amazed at this , but in all of these cases its always well worth a closer look.

Sure you store 3000 songs on your phones 4gb hard drive , heck you could fit maybe 6000 if you do it right , how ?? Here why……

On the Nokia site it has this,

"Enjoy new music for days. With up to 4GB of storage, there's room in here for 3000* songs. Your smartphone already goes everywhere you do and now your music will, too. Seamless switching between the integrated functions makes this combo the perfect pairing – maybe even better than wine and cheese."

Now when ever you see this "*" beside a word it means under certain rules.

And here is what it means in this case….

You will find this in the FAQ section on the Nokia site.

: How many songs can I have on my Nokia N91 at once?

A: If there is no other content on the hard disk, up to 3000 songs can be stored on it. (This capacity is based on 3:45 minutes per song with 48 kbps eAAC+ encoding. Capacity with 128 kbps AAC encoding is up to 1000 songs.)

OK , So lets me straight here, no one in their right mind is going to encode their songs at 43kbps, not unless you dont full listen to the music or something.

For me i have them now encode as AAC at 128kbps, ive about a total of 1500, songs , and on the phone i can fit about 350 or so.

So the whole 3000 songs is a bit of an fib to be honest and this is why it always pays to read up on the * when ever you see.

If anyone can get say 1000 songs on their phone let me know here and also what way its encoded as well , but  on average how many songs do you hold on your phone??  Im guessing 500 MAX, but you tell me!

As for Colm , well ,mate in the end it really depends on how you encode them , if you want a guide line , although others may disagree, id go with this.

192kbps, AAC format,  this should be ok for you.




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9 responses to “Nokia N91:How Many Mp3’s can you fit on?

  1. elloco

    Hi Mac,

    350 songs?, no I don’t believe it. Anyway, the number of songs you can fit are affected by:

    a) Lenght of the songs (total time)
    b) Codec used (MP3, AAC, eAAC+, WMA)
    c) Bitrate

    and if you use Variable Bit Rate format also the “complexity” of the sound.

    On my phone I loaded a mixture of formats and lenghts (some songs I have are 20-30 min long!) and with the preloaded content I managed to get 503 songs in the device.

    Let us not forget that the “audio quality” depends on the original recording, the encoder used and the bitrate. Here are some interesting facts I got from somewhere:

    MP3 @ 192 kbps = AAC @ 128 kbps = eAAC+ @ 64 kbps

    In other words you get the same audio quality with an eAAC+ file encoded at 64 kbps than an MP3 at 192 kbps. This is due to the better encoding compression, do a search to find information.

    IF you want to Maximize number of songs then encoding in eAAC+ at 64 kbps is the best way. The resulting file size will be a third of the same song encoded in MP3. Lower bitrates I find start to degrade the audio quality.

  2. macbuckley

    Thanks Elloco,
    Beforehand my Music database was mp3, 192kbps ive since converted to AAC 128kbps and it does some to save some space.
    Im gonna do a test soon to see if i can get mant more on to the phone at 3gb only.
    Should be interesting.

  3. elloco

    Hi Mac,

    One thing though is that eAAC+ Album-art I can’t add it to the files. The only way I can get album art to display with eAAC+ files (.m4a ripped with Nokia Music Manager) is to put the album jpeg in the N91 and then add it in the music player.

  4. Akash

    Is There a 3rd party eAAC+ converter available for me to download or maybe buy???

  5. elloco

    I think that WinAmp newest version has an eAAC+ encoder if you purchase the PRO edition or whatever, but I haven’t tried it, so if you do share your experience here.

  6. akshay

    how can i encode a song in eaac+ ,please tell me on my id
    i know changing mp3 to wav but not this
    tell me a good encoder also

  7. Got the Sony ericsson w950, 4gb same as n91 i think.
    I got 620 on at the moment with about 500mb to spare.
    I have a few DJ Sets at about an hr long each.
    and my songs all vary, they are mostly 192 with a fair few in 360, and 99% are mp3

  8. Arnab

    Please go through this akshay. it will solve ur problem

  9. Ronald

    I need you to all hold your horses. I liked the eACC+ quality fact. There is no way MP3 can be compared to eACC+. The highest you can ever go with eAAC+ is 64kbps. This is CD quality. A track about 4min long will take about 2MB. For you to get the best off bitrates beyond 64kbps you need HD speakers and more importantly a direct conversion from the raw studio file to eAAC+. It has got more audio channels and is lighter. MP3 is now just a waste of space. When I first got WinAmp I converted all my music from MP3 to eAAC+. It went from 8.6GB to only 2.3GB. This is the format I recommend for storage anywhere because MP3 is a heavy format hence takes longer to process. I have a Nokia 6300 and I have got a 2GB microSD. On it I have about a gig of music in High Efficiency Advanced Audio Encoding and that is 501 tracks. The other space owes to music videos encoded in MP4 176*144 using Nokia Multimedia Player. This high quality only. The only problem with eAAC+ is that it is not compatible with old systems. Another good format is Windows Media 10 Audio at the same bitrate but I have not met any mobile device besides Windows Mobile that supports it. I am working on a website and wapsite for downloading mobile content in such formats. Anyone wants to join me? If so e-mail me at

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